Montoya Thomas

Montoya Thomas headshot
Years in care: 15 Montoya entered foster care at age 5 due to a history of abuse. Montoya lived in 12 foster homes and 2 residential treatment centers. Montoya participated and advocated with P.E.A.K.S camp, Teen Conference, Youth Leadership Council, Lone Star Conference, and Youth in Action at the State... Read more

Davina Hollin

Davina spent 9 years in Texas' foster care system. At nine years old, Davina's father was sentenced to thirty-­five years in prison on charges of intoxicated manslaughter. Her father’s absence led to her life in the foster care system. At the time, Davina's mother was not in the position to... Read more

Erika Salgado

Erika spent 4 years in Texas' foster care system. Erika entered the foster care system at age 14. Since then, she has been in multiple placements. She transferred to five different high schools and has been in foster homes, group homes, shelters, and residential treatment centers. Erika overcame the stigma... Read more