Matthew Madlock

Matthew Madlock spent 7 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Matthew entered the foster care system at birth when he was left on the streets of San Diego, California. He was eventually adopted into a family that moved several times and settled down in Tennessee, where he currently resides and... Read more

Nathan Hawkins

Nathan Hawkins spent 4 years in North Dakota's foster care system. Passion and determination are beginning to shape the life of Nathan Hawkins, who until last spring was living in the youth foster system in eastern Tennessee. He has chosen to continue living in the Extension of Foster Care services... Read more

Passion Ray

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Passion entered foster care at the age of fourteen and aged out four years later. She was placed in two group homes and one foster home. Passion’s experience was difficult as she felt few staff actually cared about her. However, she views her time in care as a positive experience... Read more