Tamara Milford

Tamara Milford headshot
Years in care: 5 Tamara Milford was placed into care after the death of her mother in 2012, at the age of 15, in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Tamara stayed in a single parent foster home until 2015. She was then placed into another foster home and adopted a... Read more

Lilia Robinson

Lilia Robinson spent 13 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Lilia has been in and out of foster care since she was 5 years old. Currently, she is a sophomore in high school. Last year, Lilia had the opportunity to meet her younger brothers for the first time and see... Read more

Destiny Sweeney

Destiny Sweeney spent 3 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Destiny spent forty-eight hours in care at the age of eight but was permanently placed into the child welfare system at the age of sixteen. School and work are her top priorities, as she is a full-time student and works... Read more

Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison spent 5 1/2 years in Tennessee's foster care system. At age twelve, Hannah Irwin entered the foster care system due to abuse and neglect she suffered in an unstable home environment. Placed into kinship care with her Aunt and Uncle, Hannah spent almost six years in care before... Read more

Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark spent 5 years in Tennessee's foster care system Chelsea Clark entered foster care at age fifteen due to abuse and neglect. She experienced eight placements before finding a kinship placement, and she is now in extended foster care. Chelsea is currently enrolled in American Baptist College, majoring in... Read more

Gabriela Ramos

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Gabriela Ramos spent 3 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Gabriela entered care at age 17. It wasn't great timing as it caused her to attend a different college than she had planned, but that wouldn't stop her. In high school, she received an Award for Citizenship, recognizing her willingness... Read more

Christian Salazaar

Christian Salazaar spent 7 years in Tennessee's foster care system Christian is a driven senior in high school. He has been awarded multiple scholarships to attend the univeristy of his choice. His goal is to be in the Marine Corps to become a Career Officer. His participation is well noted... Read more

Brandon Rutledge

Spent 4 years in Tennessee's foster care system After 4 years in Tennessee’s foster system, Brandon began attending Union University as a social work major in the hopes to soon earn his Master’s in social work. He volunteers for Social Work Reaches Out as his class representative. On campus, Brandon... Read more

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine has spent 5 years in Tennessee’s foster system. She leads by example and has the remarkable capability to lead her peers through positive self-reflections to help solve conflict in a mature manner. Miss Johnson’s natural ability to take charge makes her a great Corporal in ROTC at her school... Read more

Timothy Dennis

Timothy Dennis spent 6 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Tim entered the foster system when he was 12 and has spent 6 years and 14 placements in the Tennessee system. He has been a consistent member of the Youth Leadership Board and has assisted in recruiting foster parents for... Read more