Faith Slater

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A ge 20, 18 years in South Carolina’s foster care system. Faith is currently in the process of transitioning out of foster care. Throughout her life she has had 9 placements but through it all has been able to maintain a strong relationship with her younger sister and family. Currently... Read more

Justin Abbasi

Jusitn Abbasi spent 7 years in South Carolina's foster care system. Justin experienced three different foster homes during his time in foster care. He left the last home at eighteen despite having enrolled himself in extended care, in the hopes of preserving his relationship with his sister. He has served... Read more

Joshua Cleveland

Joshua Cleveland spent 8 years in the South Carolina foster care system. After spending eight years in the South Carolina foster care system, Joshua is an active foster care advocate. He experienced multiple group homes and foster home placements, but still managed to focus on education and graduate high school... Read more

Anthony Vasquez

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Anthony Vasquez spent 10 years in South Carolina's foster care system Anthony, now enrolled in college and from California has super goals of becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic, he knows he must work to provide for himself, and he takes this very seriously. Anthony’s parents left him when he was five years... Read more

Kimberly Hart

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Kimberly Hart spent about 1 year in South Carolina's Foster Care System. Kimberly (“Kim”) Hart was one and a half when she and her twin sister were adopted by their foster parents. Now, 20 years later, she is a student at Coastal Carolina University pursuing a degree in Business Management... Read more

Jennifer Lance

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Jennifer Lance spent 9 years in South Carolina's Foster Care System. Meet Jennifer Lance. Jennifer is a student at South Carolina State University maintaining a 3.0 GPA. After graduation, she hopes to become a certified Speech-Language Pathologist in the public school systems. Throughout High School she received awards for having... Read more

Charlotte Gray

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Charlotte was placed into foster care at the age of nine with her four siblings. Two of her younger siblings were adopted after being in foster care for a year. She had seven different placements and attended ten different schools growing up but still managed to keep in contact with... Read more