Sarah Smith

Sarah spent 7 years in the Rhode Island foster care system. After aging out, she began work on a Bachelor’s of Social Work at Rhode Island College. She has spoken on multiple panels at the state house to advocate for continued funding of aftercare services that support youth who age... Read more

Jasmine Almaraz

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Jasmine Almaraz spent 2 years in Rhode Island's foster care system Jasmine is a young lady with great potential and she is certain (as has been proven true the last few years) that she has the ability to change the path that life presented. She made a good decision. A... Read more

Christopher H.

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Christopher H wants to be a lawyer, and maybe even a judge one day. If the following is any indication, he’s got the mind for it: “If I only spoke English (which I do), why would my ob send me to, say, France to handle something? I’ve never been there,... Read more

Agnes Barrios

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Agnes spent most of her teen years in foster care, going through five different places before emancipating. Prior to entering care she was homeless. She states, “At the age of six I was homeless. While most girls were playing Barbie or dress-up in their mother’s closet, I was playing in... Read more

Debra Criscione

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Born and raised in Rhode Island, Debra experienced various placements for 6 years. She has successfully transitioned independently. She currently is a full-time student and will be graduating early this December. Her future plans include grad school. Last summer Debra interned for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, where Foster... Read more

Leah Charpentier

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"I now know what I am made of. I now know I can do anything, and that people lie when they say you are worthless, and that you have no potential. I now know that the imaginary ceiling is just that: imaginary." Leah has come to these conclusions after being... Read more