Lucky Allen

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Lucky Allen spent 4 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system. Lucy was entered in the Pennsylvania's foster care system at the age of 15. After no living relatives agreed to take her in, her eldest brothers ex-fiancee, who she refers to as her sister agreed to let Lucky live with... Read more

Shaune Johnson

Shaune Johnson spent 5 years in Pennsylvania’s foster care system. Shaune is ambitious, a hip hop fanatic, a basketball player … and a foster kid. Shaune was removed from his mother at the age of 12 years old. He was placed with his uncle, along with his 3 brothers, for... Read more

Donald Robinson

Donald Robinson spent 5 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system. Donald is an athlete, a scholar, a music enthusiast ... and a foster kid. Donald is a former 2011 FosterClub All-Star. He was in the Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) foster care system for 8 years until aging out at 21. Using... Read more

Jasmine Smith

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Jasmine Smith spent 7 years in Pennsylvania's Foster Care System. Former foster child Jasmine Smith has a long and impressive history of academic success. In high school her grades earned her a place in the National Honor Society and National Beta Society. Now she is a junior at Pennsylvania State... Read more

Grace Clarke

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Grace Clarke spent 4 years in Pennsylvania's Foster Care System Grace Clarke is an inspiring young woman. She was placed in the foster care system at the age of 16 and became a teen mother at the age of 17. Grace has faced many challenges but with perseverance and determination... Read more

Antonio McCaskill

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Antonio McCaskill spent about 10 years in Pennsylvania's Foster Care System Be the change you want to see in the world. That’s how Antonio McCaskill lives his life. After spending 17 years of his past in the foster care system, Antonio has dedicated his present to improving what he’s always... Read more

Angela Campbell

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Former foster child Angela Campbell is on a mission to change the system, and she won’t let anyone stop her. She spent six years in foster care starting at the age of twelve and worked her entire way through high school purchasing her own shoes, clothing, and anything else she... Read more

Cherie Olivis

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Cherie spent 13 years in foster care Brief Biography: Cherie Olivis is currently a student at Slippery Rock University studying Health Service Administration with a minor in Non-Profit Management/Leadership. she was placed in foster care because her mother had an addiction to drugs. Cherie's years in foster care consisted of... Read more

George Brown

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George entered foster care at the age of 16 and struggled academically. Now, nearly 18, he loves school, does well in his classes and has recently reconnected with his family. George recently applied for and has been accepted to work as a Planned Parenthood peer educator at the Achieving Independence... Read more

Sharon Jones

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Sharon was placed into her first foster home at 7 years old. She was in this home for eleven years, and moved at the age of 18 to the foster home she currently resides in. Sharon's mother's rights were terminated, and Sharon was devastated. She felt very neglected and abandoned... Read more