Shurontaya Festa

Shurontaya Festa headshot
Years in care: 8 Shurontaya Festa is twenty years old. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been in foster care for about eight years now. Currently, she remains in the foster care system and she will be aging out once she's twenty-one. She was fortunate enough to stay... Read more

Heather DeShantz

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Heather was placed in the foster care system at age 13. Being fortunate enough to live with family members, Heather was moved from one placement with her paternal aunt to the home of her maternal grandparents. Heather is grateful that the foster care system has helped to better her life... Read more

A’Aquila Ashanti’ Mayo

A'Aquila Ashanti' Mayo
A’Aquila is entering her sophomore year at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. A “daddy’s girl,” A’Aquila’s father passed away due to cancer when she was 11 years old. A’Aquila continues to be a big sister to “the best little brother in the world,” and credits her ability to overcome obstacles to... Read more

Chaka Worthy

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Chaka first joined the foster care system when he was 17 years old, after spending time in a number of group homes, detention centers, and an independent living home. During his time in foster care, Chaka was able to finish high school and plan for college. Chaka credits staff where... Read more

Cortez Lee Carey

Cortez Lee Carey headshot
Cortez is a successful 23-year old who entered into the Pennsylvania foster care system at birth. He considers his time in the system an "emotional roller coaster." He was placed in and out of group homes, foster homes, kinship care and a failed adoption. He was forced into a legal... Read more

Crystal Murphy

Crystal Murphy spent 9 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system Before being adopted at age 10, she experienced over 20 different foster home placements with varying lengths: lasting from a weekend to four years. The longest placement she was at she was removed from the home due to abuse. After... Read more

Margaret Dombrowski

Margret spent 5 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system. Margaret has hopped from placement to placement, but currently resides with her first foster home. During high school, she served as the Sergeant in East High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). Margaret also volunteers during school, at nursing homes,... Read more

Johnathan LeGrande

Johnathan LeGrande spent 11 years in pennsylvania's fosterclub. Growing up in the inner city of Pittsburgh; Johnathan entered the Pennsylvania foster care system during his fifth grade year of school. His abduction into the foster care system was due to unfit parents and unstable living conditions. Johnathan and his younger... Read more

Brian Morgantini

Brian spent 14 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system. Brian is currently working and preparing himself for college (Marywood University). He would like to obtain his Bachelor’s of Art in History and Pre Law with a minor in Business. As a youth co-trainer at Rutgers University School of Social work,... Read more

Daniel Knapp

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Daniel works in the Performance Management & Accountability Division for the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services (link is external) to implement and evaluate engagement and assessment strategies associated with the county’s Title IV-E Waiver Child Welfare Demonstration Project. He also serves as a member of the Field Center... Read more