Kimmie Breeden

Kimmie Breeden spent 2 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Kimmie entered care at 14 and experienced separation from most of her siblings during multiple placements. She endured many personal challenges as she tried to control her chaotic life. After undergoing treatment, she found herself, her voice and hope for... Read more

David Samuel Hall

David spent 2.5 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. David’s first time in care was during his third grade year, attending Mustang Public Schools. He bounced around inpatient facilities due to lack of foster homes and fear of liability for his yet-to-be-trained kinship home. After being detained nearly twenty times,... Read more

Levi Massengale

Levi Massengale spent 11 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Levi was in foster care for 11 years before he was adopted at the age of 17. This has profoundly motivated him to educate foster parents on the importance of older youth finding a family who will adopt. He plans... Read more

Thomas Hudson

Thomas Hudson spent 8 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Thomas was in the foster care for 8 years and is currently a Sophomore at Cameron University. He has an impressive 4.0 GPA. He plans to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Oklahoma. He was... Read more

Christine Hamby

Christine Hambly spent 6 years in Oklahoma's foster care system Christine went into foster care at a young age, survived an unsuccessful adoption and re-entered foster care until she aged out. She plans to graduate this December with a BSW in Child Specialization and then work toward a Master's Degree... Read more

David Hall

David Hall spent 3 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. David is pursuing double undergrad degrees in music education and sociology at Oklahoma City University. He has a 3.68 GPA and plans to get a Masters in Tuba Performance. He wants to teach music, be an orchestral tuba player and... Read more

Kris Goble

Kris Goble spent 6 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Kris was in foster care for 6 years. He has overcome major adversity and reaches out to help young people with enthusiasm and compassion. He plans to graduate this spring with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He has a... Read more

Daisy Henson

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Daisy Henson spent 10 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Daisy Henson knows the value of an interactive and cooperative community, a place where the young see a potential for enrichment and then work hard towards it. During her time at Relations Group Home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she volunteered at... Read more

Fushkte V.

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Fushkte V doesn’t spend much time sitting around. Fushkte has worked with Y.I.A. (Youth in Action) to help elders in the community with chores around the house. He placed ribbons around courthouses to focus attention on Child Abuse Awareness Month. Fushkte has volunteered to work with homeless pets, made signs... Read more

Joshua Encinas

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Joshua, 23, serves on the YES Board in Oklahoma. During his sixteen years in foster care, he lived in 15-20 homes, including group homes, family placements and shelters. Despite those challenges, Joshua was part of National Honor Society in high school and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. He served as... Read more