Dameon Caldwell

Daemon Caldwell spent 13 years in Ohio's foster care system Dameon lives independently and attends the university of Toledo. His goal is to work in the Juvenile Justice System as a probation officer. He has overcome many hardships and has been in foster care since the age of 7. He... Read more

Frank Sutton

Frank Sutton spent 16 years in Ohio's foster care system Frank Sutton has always had a knack for leadership. Starting in his early years, Frank was usually the captain of his sports teams in elementary, middle school and high school. When given the opportunity in science fair projects or other... Read more

Michael Rogalski

Michael Rogalski spent 4 years in Ohio's foster care system. Michael Rogalski is a remarkable young professional who plans to someday become a City Manager, and we are certain he will contribute positively to society and are excited about his future. He feels that “There is no reason anyone should... Read more

Brianna Christian

Spent 7 years in Ohio's foster care system Brianna was first placed in foster care at age five. She has moved between the care of her biological mother, a relative, foster care and a group home over the period of nine years. She lived in the group home arrangement until... Read more

Jennifer "Jenny" Konrath

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Jenny Konrath understands that one powerful individual can raise her voice and make a massive difference in the world. The proof of her belief is in her actions, and her actions make quite a list: She has served as a volunteer in on the Montgomery County VISION Board; as a... Read more

Vanessa Jackson

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Life is full of challenges, and our characters are defined by what we do with what we’ve got. For most people, the burden of these challenges is made lighter by the love and support of a family structure—be that biological or otherwise. For Vanessa Jackson the path presented some of... Read more

Dauntea Sledge

Dauntea Sledge spent 14 years is Ohio’s foster care system. Dauntea entered Ohio’s foster care system at the age of five, subsequently experiencing five placements over 14 years in foster care. His career goal is to find a more efficient way to empower foster youth. Dauntea attends Columbus State Community... Read more

Cieria Rodiriguez Toney

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Cieria Rodiriguez Toney spent 3 years in Ohio's Foster Care System Cieria is an inspirational young woman who utilizes her personal story to help improve the system. As a young adult in Ohio’s foster care system, Cieria has faced many ups and downs. Despite what she has gone through while... Read more

Renee Morrison

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Renee Morrison spent about 6 years in Ohio's Foster Care System. At only twenty-three years old, Renee Morrison is already pursuing her Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. Renee seems to be involved in just about everything. She has been involved in Youth for Change, is a member of the NAACP,... Read more

Cody Mitchell

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To the untrained eye, Cody Mitchell’s life has been dominated by instability and unpredictability—complicating factors in any young person’s life. But if you know Cody, you see something else: Endurance and focus. An ability to lead others even while your own life is being led in a million different directions... Read more