Jeremie Brown

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Age 20, 14 years in Ohio’s foster care system. Jeremie and his 2 siblings entered the foster care system when he was 5. After being placed with an abusive family member, he was placed in several temporary homes, attending 6 middle schools and 6 high schools in 3 different states... Read more

Re’Gine Wells

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Re’Gine Jordan Wells is a 20 y/o 1st year student at Cuyahoga Community College with an intent to transfer to Cleveland State University to major in Social Work and Communications. Re’Gine has spent 5 years in the Cuyahoga County foster care system before being emancipated in May 2014. Re’Gine enjoys... Read more

Orlando Brown

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Orlando Brown is a current student at Western Michigan University studying accounting. The fifth born of six, Orlando was exposed to values about taking on challenges in life by his older brothers. When he was placed in foster care he quickly understood he had to grow up fast for his... Read more

Brandon Hurt

Brandon entered foster care as a teenager for 3 years. He experienced both foster homes and residential facilities during his time in care. Brandon has faced many obstacles but has always been determined to beat them and reach his full potential. He is currently enrolled in the Independent Living Program... Read more

Keri Richmond

Keri Richmond spent 4 years in Ohio's foster care system. Keri was only a couple days old when she entered the foster care system. At the age of two she was reunified with her biological father, but unfortunately was placed back into care due to various abuse. Around her fifth... Read more

Cole Gammons-Reese

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Cole spent 3 years in Ohio's foster care system Before being adopted into his forever family, Cole experienced 3 different foster homes. He was seperated from from some of his siblings in the process. Now, Cole has a beautiful biracial family of 15 siblings that have been adopted internationally. In... Read more

Melissa Ray Stroud

Melissa spent 8 years in Ohio's foster care system. Melissa has been in foster care for 8 years; she experienced a kinship placement, two foster homes, a group home, and is currently in a non-relative kinship placement. She is graduating high school in June. Melissa serves as the Vice President... Read more

Joshua Hatch

Joshua spent 8 years in Ohio's foster care system. 10 years after birth, Joshua B. Hatch entered a system that would change his life forever. He and his family were in a situation of unfortunate financial instability. This eventually lead to Joshua and his brother to becoming wards of the... Read more

Michael Outrich

Michael spent 6 years in the Ohio foster care system. Due to abuse, Michael entered foster care where he was over-medicated instead of receiving more appropriate forms of therapies. Refusing to live down to expectations, Michael focused his sights on higher education and paving a way for others to succeed... Read more

Kimberly Moore

Kimberly Moore spent 5 years in Ohio's foster care system. Kimberly was 13 when she entered foster care with her sister. After one month she was moved to another placement, where she remained until she aged out during her junior year of high school. She is currently enrolled full time... Read more