Hasani Callwood

Hasani Callwood spent 4 years in New York's foster care system. Since the age of 17, Hassani has been a resident of the children's village in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Initially he struggled to adapt to being away from loved ones to and trust others, but this dissipated quickly. He... Read more

Simone Hines

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Simone Hines spent time in New York's foster care system. At times, perspective can be all we have to keep our faith in eachother. Simone Hines knows that the “purpose of the foster care system is to provide” for youth when their biological parents cannot. But what happens when that... Read more

Raven Profit

Raven Profit spent time in New York's foster care system. Raven Profit entered the system after her mom was diagnosed with a mental illness. Like many youth who enter the system she had to learn, independently, how to not let her personal issues get in the way of her goals,... Read more

Cherokee Cheatham

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Cherokee Cheatham spent 7 years in New York's foster care system There are people that talk, people that listen, and people that act. When you come across someone that can do all three, then you have identified a budding leader. Cherokee Cheatham is one of those people. At age 17,... Read more

Dereon W.

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Dereon spent six years in New York’s foster care system, experiencing three different placements during that time. Since then, Nineteen-year-old Dereon has transitioned to living independently, found and completed his first semester at a college that fit his needs and academic and athletic ability, and remained active in his local... Read more

Jonathan O

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Jonathan spent nine years in foster care in New York, and aged out when he was 19. While in care, he spent time in four different placements. He serves on the Mercy First youth advisory council. From volunteering to serve Thanksgiving dinners to supporting families at visiting nights, to volunteering... Read more

Latisha M

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Latisha M has blossomed in her involvement with the Good Shepherd Services (GSS) organization. The organization is designed to connect vulnerable NYC youth to family, school and community with the intent of securing a safe passage to self-sufficiency. The first year Latisha was a Youth Ambassador at the GSS 1st... Read more

Benjamin Muhammad

Benjamin entered New York’s foster care system at birth. He’s experienced two kinship homes (placements with relatives) and one foster home in 9 years, before being adopted by his aunt and uncle. He has a connection with 2 biological siblings and 2 adoptive siblings. Benjamin looks forward to becoming a... Read more


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Annonymous spent 7 years in New York's Foster Care System A full-time student, employee, and volunteer, this college senior is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Social work at the University of Albany. While attending college, she works at a community-based organization, Interface Partnership for the Homeless, serving the runaway and... Read more

Triana Santiago

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Triana Santiago spent 7 years in New York's Foster Care System High school student Triana Santiago is proud to be a foster youth who is actively involved and making a difference in her community. As an active member of her local youth board, Youth In Progress, she leads forums at... Read more