Patricia Sellers

Patricia spent 4 years in New Jersey's foster care system. Due to an unstable home environment, Patricia Sellers entered foster care. Her experience was unfortunate and it broke her as a human being. Patricia was depressed, stressed and had suicidal thoughts. During her time in care, she experienced one placement... Read more

Rae Toussaint

Rae spent 9 years in New York's foster care system. Experiencing three placements including a group home and two foster homes, Rae Toussaint spent nine years in foster care before aging out. She describes her time in care as being forced to live two separate lives. In one life, Rae... Read more

Jahlika Hamilton

Jahlika Hamilton spent 8 years in New York's foster care system Jahlika, a young woman of Caribbean background, found being in foster care was tough at times. She determined that while she was her parents' child, she did not need to inherit their choices. During her time in foster care,... Read more

Sabrina Petrie

Sabrina spent 5 years in New York's foster care system. At age sixteen, Sabrina dealt with difficult circumstances that succumbed to kinship and foster care for five years in upstate New York. After kinship care that lasted six months, she entered 3 placements in 3 towns. Sabrina was able to... Read more

Cody Rivera

Cody spent 12 years in New York City's foster care system Observe, Understand, and Adapt. That is how 21-year- old Cody Rivera explains his twelve years in the New York State Foster Care System. Observing, understanding, and adapting: to different people and their cultural backgrounds, and their different styles of... Read more

Anthony (Tony) Turner

Tony spent 7 years in New York’s foster care system. Tony spent seven years in New York’s foster care system and is an excellent advocate and voice for foster youth and other youth who are involved with various child serving systems. While attending Columbia University, Tony is employed as a... Read more

Samantha Smith

Samantha spent 18 years in New York's foster care system. Samantha Smith is a fierce twenty-three year old residing in Brooklyn, New York. After eighteen years in the New York State foster care system, Samantha aged out. Miss Smith is currently finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree at John Jay College... Read more

Printice Latson

Printince Latson spent 10 years in New York's foster care system. Printice Latson is currently a 20 year old college student who attends Buffalo State College and is majoring in Sociology. He also has been a foster child in the Erie County foster care program for the past 12 years... Read more

Donald Fields

Donald Fields spent 20 years in New York's foster care system Donald has been in numerous foster care facilities from the age of 3 weeks old, including group homes, foster homes and other facilities. He is passionate about improving the system, and feels that “it is up to us to... Read more

Ashley Rivera

Ashley had been removed from a home of addiction and abuse; she spent 11 years in New York’s foster care system. Despite her circumstances she kept her head up and found a passion in advocacy. In her words: “Fortunately I had amazing foster parents, people that changed my life and... Read more