Johnoi Shaw

Johnoi Shaw is a Jamaican National that came here in his early teens and ended up in care. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and aspires to get a degree in nursing. After experiencing and witnessing discrimination because his of sexual orientation, he decided to... Read more

Grace Gold

Grace Gold 2+ years in New York’s Foster Care System 19 years old She/her/hers Grace is currently in foster care. She grew up in many little villages and is currently studying at Alfred University. At College Grace found herself becoming more interested in being a leader, being more involved with... Read more

Rori Matthews

9+ years in New York's child welfare system 19 years old They/Them/Theirs Rori Matthews is a bigender foster youth who entered foster care at 10 years old. They were placed in a relative-foster home with their paternal grandparents and are expected to remain in care until they are 21 years... Read more

Joseph DeBiew

7 years in New York’s Foster Care System Joseph DeBiew grew up in Buffalo, New York. In 2005, he lost his mother and was put in the care of his grandparents. After struggling with addiction, Joe was put into a residential treatment facility and then bounced in between group homes... Read more

Rachel Muir

Rachel Muir entered care in New York’s child welfare system at 13 years of age. Through her time in the system, she underwent various challenging changes and experiences. Rachel currently attends Northwestern University where she studies Social Policy and Statistics. With her intense passion and dedication to helping underprivileged and... Read more