Jamar Holley

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Jamar Holley spent 21 years in New Jersey's foster care system Jamar is a college student studying Human Services. When he graduates, he would like to pursue a career as a social worker, eventually starting his own non-profit organization for homeless youth in New Jersey. Eventually, he would like to... Read more

Alisha Figueroa

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Alisha spent 7 years in New Jersey's foster care system At birth and the beginning years of her life, Alisha was placed into foster care and went back and forth between care and a parent who suffered from alcoholism. She was then placed with another parent, where she experienced abuse... Read more

Brielle Adams

Brielle entered foster care when she was only 1 years old; she spent 7 years in New Jersey's foster care before she was adopted. With the support from her adoptive parents, she overcame development setbacks and crushed stereotypes by graduating high school and earning her certificate in Culinary Arts from... Read more

Gina Pearson

Gina Pearson spent 18 years in foster care Gina is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work at Rutgers University where she has achieved an impressive 3.92 GPA. During her time in foster care, Gina experienced multiple different placements including re-entering the system. After graduating from Rutgers in May 2016,... Read more

Aaron Ford

Aaron Ford spent 6 years in New Jersey's foster care system. Aaron has become the young man he is today by persevering. Like many men of color, his childhood was filled with obstacles. Aaron experienced multiple placements including relative, homeless shelters, group homes, and transitional living programs during his six... Read more

Marion Simmons

Marion Simmons spent 19 years in New Jersey's foster care system. Marion spent 19 years in New Jersey’s foster care system. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work at West Chester University while maintaining a full-time position at New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families. Marion has... Read more

Kaysie Getty

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Kaysie Gettie spent 7 years in New Jersey's foster care system. Kaysie Getty is really motivated to reach her career goal. She wants to become a program director and eventually own her own non profit organization for youth in foster care. She doesn't want other kids to go through what... Read more

Yoshua C.

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At one of Yosua’s poli-sci classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University, he had a group project that involved students from India, Sweden, Bosnia, Kosovo, South Africa, and Brazil. Many of the students didn’t speak English well, and the team had to find a way to get this project done. They used... Read more

Crystal O’Grady

Crys O’Grady, JD, is the research manager at NICWA. Crys earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis on poverty and inequality from Stanford University, and her juris doctor from the University of Washington School of Law. While at Stanford, Crys conducted quantitative research on the demographics of youth... Read more

Ross Brown

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Ross Brown spent 5 years in New Jersey's Foster Care System. Ross Brown is a New Jersey Outstanding Young Leader. He has earned this award through surviving some startling situations and fighting for a better and more honest life. Ross could have been a statistic, but knew he wanted something... Read more