Danielle N.

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Danielle’s talent and ambitious are clear when looking at her resume of activities and accolades. She is simultaneously enrolled in Silverado High School and the College of Southern Nevada and hopes to eventually apply to a four-year university and to double major in psychology and computer science. Danielle is a... Read more

Ricardo Saldana Marquez

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Ricardo Saldana Marquez spent 2 years in Nevada’s foster care system. Ricardo entered Nevada's foster care system at age 16. He was placed with his older brother and two younger siblings. He thinks of his older brother as a mentor. When Ricardo turned 17 he moved on to independent living... Read more

Dirian Ramirez

Dirian Ramirez spent 4 years in Nevada's foster care system. Dirian is a people person, an animal activist, an adventurist ... and a foster kid. Dirian was born in Costa Rica and was adopted when she was 6 months old. Her adoptive mother illegally brought her into America and, after... Read more

Heather Wilder- Pegler

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Heather Wilder chooses to consider being a motivational speaker, a talent agent, and/or work with disadvataged youth and disabled children. Now a junior in high school, she to some degree has already moved into the motivational arena. She says, “Kids get all dressed up and are just waiting for their... Read more

Concheast Koller

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Concheast Lynn Koller was born in Corinth, Mississippi. She spent four years in foster care, lived in three different homes until she entered the independent living program her senior year in high school. She is now living independently and has learned a lot about the importance of paying bills, budgeting... Read more

Nikki Grey

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Nikki Grey spent 6 years in Nevada's foster care system. Brief Biography: Nikki Grey is a member and advocate with Foster Care Alumni of America and a former FosterClub All-Star. She interned on Capitol Hill for her congressman, and she is a past president of WAYCUP, the Washoe County youth... Read more

Luis Beltran

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Luis Beltran spent 7 years in Nevada's foster care system. Luis Beltran is a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in political science, with a minor in criminal Justice. Beltran has worked extensively to alter the vast stereotypes that continually hold children back from achieving their full... Read more

Christina Fausone

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Christina became a ward of the court at age 6 when her mother passed away. She was sent to a foster home until legal guardianship was given to her grandfather and great-grandmother. Christina says, “I was lucky to have been placed within my family. They cared for me, and made... Read more

Cshampaigne Standridge

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Cshampaigne was placed into a foster care group home as a teenager. While she was in the group home she accepted several leadership opportunities, and volunteered for anything that came her way. She is very passionate about advocating for foster youth. Cshampaigne has been the President of Nevada's State youth... Read more

Dashun Jackson

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Dashun has been involved with the child welfare system for most of his life, living in several foster and group homes. He has several siblings, but has spent most of his life separated from them. Dashun cares deeply for his siblings and wants to work to make foster care better... Read more