Nick Perry

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Years in care: 12 After being introduced into the foster care system at age 7, Nick's journey included challenging obstacles including transitioning over 30 times while living in foster care. During high school Nick decided to play football. Nick felt because football was a contact sport it ultimately helped him... Read more

Richard Demarko Brown

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Age 23, 6 years in Nevada’s foster care system. Richard is an aged out youth from Southern Nevada. He entered the foster care system at the age of 12 years old and experienced eight different placements in his six years in care. Richard was very involved in his own case... Read more

Ollie Vonzell Hernandez

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Ollie entered Nevada’s foster care system at age 9. She experienced many placements, several of which she describes as therapy foster homes which helped her to cope with the passing of her mother. Despite her many placements Ollie did have the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family. After... Read more

Dashun Jackson

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Dashun entered foster care at the age of 13 with his 3 younger siblings, but was later separated from siblings after living in an abusive home. Multiple placements, including the local shelter, his aunt’s home, psychiatric facility and a residential treatment home, caused Dashun to move through four different schools... Read more

Miesha Mack

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Miesha Ann Mack “Mack” was born in Oroville, California. She has eight sister and 3 brothers just on her mother’s side. Mack entered foster care system at 13 years old and aged out at 21 years old. She spent a total of 8 years in care. She was taken into... Read more

Brandi Crossman

Brandi spent 2 years in Nevada's foster care system. How would you feel if you became a ward of the state two weeks before your seventeenth birthday? That is exactly what happened to Brandi. As a high school student, Brandi had already been providing for herself since the summer after... Read more

Tristan Torres

Tristan spent 9 months in Nevada's foster care system. Tristan Torres spent 9 months in the foster care system in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his experience, he faced severe adversity because of his FtM (Female-to-Male) transgender identity. He is an articulate proponent in the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+) community... Read more

Anny Anderson

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Anny Anderson spent 6 years in Nevada's foster care system Anny spent six years in Nevada’s system and has overcome many long and painful challenges, including abuse, at a young age and wants to celebrate her victory by helping other young people that have experienced similar circumstances. She is described... Read more