Rosetta Judd

Rosetta spent 19 years in Nebraska's foster care system. Rosetta is a current college student at Mid-Plains Community college and planning to continue higher education at a University, majoring in the science of arts and human services with an emphasis on childhood immigration. This open minded individual uses their experience... Read more

Olga Mwenentanda

Olga Mwenentanda spent time in Nebraska's foster care system. Olga, a young lady from Nebraska, spent about 4 years in foster care. She was sent away to Africa but with the help of the American Embassy there, was able to return to the United States. She enjoys basketball and working... Read more

Kayla Bailey

Kayla Bailey spent 5 years in Nebraska's foster care system. Kayla, age 19 from Nebraska, spent 5 years in the foster care system. She has had a difficult experience while in care. She served on a committee that passed legislation to create a program for young adults aging out of... Read more

Amy Peters

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Amy Peters spent 6 years in Nebraska's foster care system Amy entered the foster care system in a rural community in Western Nebraska when she was 13. She says one of the more difficult parts of entering care was how often she had to change schools “School was a safe... Read more

Oscar Delgado

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As a youth in foster care in the state of Nebraska, Oscar faced aging-out of the system at age 19 after ten years in care. It meant that his state would no longer provide support, that his safety net no longer existed. Before he left care, he had hopes to... Read more

Ollie Hernandez

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Ollie Hernandez spent 9 1/2 years in Nevada's Foster Care System. Ollie entered the child welfare system when she was eleven years old and remained in care until she "aged out" at age eighteen. Like most foster children raised by the State, Ollie endured multiple foster home and school changes... Read more

Cindy Woodbury

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Cindy entered herself into the foster care system when she was a teenager because of the neglectful situation Cindy and her siblings faced. Cindy now attends the University of Nebraska-Omaha as a junior majoring in Social Work. She loves to advocate for other youth. Along with school, Cindy balances her... Read more

Aaron Weaver

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Aaron spent the first 6 years of his life in care, before being adopted by an amazingly patient family. During those 6 years, Aaron was in 6 different placements and suffered a myriad of abuses. After the adoption, with the love of his new family, he was able to heal... Read more