Teal Martell

Teal spent 11 years in Montana's foster care system. Teal Martell is eighteen years old and has spent eleven years in the Foster Care system in the state of Montana. Teal’s experience in the foster care system was one that really made her who she is today. Separation from her... Read more

Blazz Wood

Blazz Wood spent 6 years in Montana's foster care system. Blazz from Montana has spent six years in the foster care system. He sent his formative years afraid and manipulated by an alcoholic parent. He is a charismatic storyteller and goes out of his way to put a smile on... Read more

Lindsy Nix

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Lindsy Nix spent 6 years in Montana's foster care system. Lindsy loves animals. She was in 4H as a child, has worked with dogs and horses most of her life and has been training her own service animal for over a year. She has volunteered at the Humane Society as... Read more

Kate Lynn Morrison

Kate Lynn Morrison spent 5 years in Montana's foster care system. Kate Lynn's mom was a single parent who struggled financially. When an abusive boyfriend was introduced into the family, Kate Lynn's mom had to choose between her children and her boyfriend. Her mom gave up parental rights and Kate... Read more

Samantha Martell

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Samantha Martell spent 6 years in Montana's Foster Care System Samantha Martell and her two sisters were placed in foster care two years after her mother passed away and her father was not able to fill the void. Says Samantha about entering the system, “Foster care for me was a... Read more

Rose Mascarenas

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Rose Mascarenas spent 4 years in Montana's Foster Care System Rose entered the foster care system at age 11. She stayed in several group homes before moving into the first of 2 foster homes at age 15. Living in these settings taught Rose about the value of teamwork, and the... Read more

Miranda Baldwin

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Miranda Baldwin spent 8 years in Montana's Foster Care System Miranda Baldwin, “Mandy”, spent 8 years in foster care and stayed in 13 placements before being forced to leave her final placement two weeks after her 18th birthday. She had not graduated from high school, lacked a support system, and... Read more

Deborah Hassan

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Deborah entered foster care at the age of three. She bounced from home to home until she was placed in guardianship care at 14. She was in this placement for four years, but was entered the system once more the summer before her senior year. Now, she attends Montana State... Read more