Nathan C

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Nathan C of Joplin, Missouri has been enrolled at Missouri Southern State University, a general studies major. He knows his pursuit of higher education moves him in the right direction toward independence regarding his future. While in high school, Nathan served as vice-president of his senior class and as a... Read more

Zach A.

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Nineteen year-old Zach A has spent the past seven years in Missouri’s foster care system, and has found his voice as an active stakeholder and advocate for those in similar situations. Zach is involved in both his local and state Youth Advisory Council, actively participating in meetings for over a... Read more

Ashley Jackson

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Ashley Jackson spent 5 years in foster care. After five years in kinship care, Ashley is now is living independently with roommates while attending Missouri State University. Ashley is majoring in public relations and aspires for a career in nonprofit event planning and fundraising. It is her dream to find... Read more