Latosha P

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The hometown of Latosha P prides itself on it’s reputation of being “warm & friendly” and Latosha’s nominator for the Outstanding Young Leaders Award would agree that the town’s distinction has rubbed off on the 17-year old. Having spent time in 9 different foster homes during her 6 years in... Read more

Charles H.

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Charles likes being around people. One of his jobs is as a DJ in the company he owns (he also works in a factory) which requires communication skills and, in a way, a desire to serve others. Friends describe him as energetic and enthusiastic. He works hard at getting others... Read more

Heather Hedges-Pegler

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At 17, Heather Hedges-Pegler is a star player for her Regional and State Youth Advisory Boards; she attends every meeting and helps other youth with advice and activities. Her teachers at school also look to her as a star player, being always friendly and helpful. At church, the pastor can... Read more

Nathan C

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Nathan C of Joplin, Missouri has been enrolled at Missouri Southern State University, a general studies major. He knows his pursuit of higher education moves him in the right direction toward independence regarding his future. While in high school, Nathan served as vice-president of his senior class and as a... Read more

Melinda C.

Melinda has a lot of enthusiasm for life and her great attitude takes her far. In two foster homes and one residential facility, she acknowledges that one of the biggest challenges growing up in the system was not being able to see her biological family whenever she wanted. She admits... Read more

Zach A.

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Nineteen year-old Zach A has spent the past seven years in Missouri’s foster care system, and has found his voice as an active stakeholder and advocate for those in similar situations. Zach is involved in both his local and state Youth Advisory Council, actively participating in meetings for over a... Read more

Shawna Conklin

Shawna Conklin spent 3 years in Missouri’s foster care system. Shawna was removed from her mother in 2008 for truency and placed with her uncle. She has spent three years in Missouri foster care system in the city of Joplin. Shawna has been in 7 different placements, and for Shawna,... Read more


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Torri spent 3 years in Missouri's Foster Care System Torri entered the foster care system was she was 14 years old, and was adopted at age 17. She’s a success is every sense of the word . Great in the classroom, she’s a member of the National Honor Society. Torri... Read more

Janine Cave

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Janine Cave spent 17 years in Missouri's Foster Care System. Janine was in and out of the foster care system starting at age 3. Over the years, Janine was in 5 residential placements, 7 traditional foster home placements, and 1 kinship placement. Janine is now working towards a degree in... Read more

Donta Manley

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Donta spent the majority of his life in Missouri’s foster care system, but has grown to be a strong and independent young man. He is currently enrolled in college at Missouri S&T and hopes to pursue a career with an engineering firm after graduation. Donta has been involved in youth... Read more