Edie Hammett

Edie Hammett spent 4 years in Missouri's foster care system. Edie entered the Missouri State Foster Care system at the age of two, later returning home around the age of five. She eventually re-entered care at the age of fifteen due to abuse and neglect within her home. After entering... Read more

Jeffrey Wheat

Jeffrey Wheat spent 2.5 of years in Missouri's foster care system. Jeffrey shares his story to motivate others, so they too can believe in their true potential and resilience, which gives them a chance to succeed. As a young child he was moved to the Dominican Republic with his brother,... Read more

Aviva Okeson-Haberman

Aviva spent 1 year in Missouri's foster care, entering when she was 17 years old. She is excited to raise awareness about the benefits and challenges of kinship care and help end the stigma of being in foster care. Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Aviva is moving to Columbia, Missouri to... Read more

Lacy Larsen

Lacy Larsen spent 3 years in Missouri's foster care system. Lacy Larsen’s determination to succeed and lead is apparent in everything she does. She served as president of the student chapter of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, as well as president of the Future Farmers of America... Read more

Ke’Ron Williams

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KeRon Williams spent over 9 years in Missouri foster care system. A member of Chafee, Aging Out and the St. Louis Youth Board, as well as a volunteer for Epworth Children and Family Services, eighteen-year old Ke’Ron is a powerful advocate for youth in foster care. His caseworker describes him... Read more

Marion Aaron

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Marion Aaron spent 18 years in Missouri's foster care system. Marian Aaron graduated from high school this past spring but is currently unable to attend college for medical reasons despite the fact that she is eager to start. Marian recently had to have her leg amputated; throughout her recovery process,... Read more

Kelsey Burrus

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Kelsey Burrus spent over 2 years in Missouri's foster care system. Kelsey came into care at age 17 and has been living with her very supportive aunt. She's been deeply involved in her community and in her high school. She was recently awarded the prestigious Ladue Pride Award. An award... Read more

Crystal W.

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As the first to go to college in her family, Crystal W has a bright future. She has had a helping hand from her Transitional Living Program and credits the program with guiding her to finish high school early, helping her get into college, and secure her own apartment and... Read more

Kyle V

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Kyle V checks out the situation, thinks about options, makes a decision, then springs into action. He’s not attracted to joining organizations just for the membership, but when Kyle sees a need, he jumps in. When there’s a call to help out a member of his church, Kyle’s ready to... Read more

Michael Pease

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Michael Pease is a 23-year-old graduate student whose previous experiences included 7 ½ years in Missouri’s foster care system. His story is one of persistence, and he is continuing to climb. One of Michael’s adult supporters said, “Michael triumphed over many adversities to become a very successful young man. Many... Read more