Nicholas Rolfi

Nicholas Rolfi headshot
Years in care: 18 The foster care experience was interesting, hard, patient, learned, and shape-shifting. It has really made people who they are to this day. Foster care has helped him to see the brighter side of the beauty in life. It had been very rough but by the grace... Read more

Juan Jones

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Juan Jones, 19, Missouri, entered the foster care system at the age of nine. In the nine years that he was in care, Juan developed a very strong passion for ministry and is very active in the church. He is also interested in football, journalism, and drama/theatre. Currently, Juan is... Read more

Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford headshot
In foster care 10 years, Missouri. Brandon is currently in the process of transitioning from the foster care system. He has been in numerous foster homes and experienced many tragedies during his eighteen years on earth. Brandon has 4 siblings he is currently separated from, though he is fortunate to... Read more

Erin Young

Erin Young headshot
8 years in Missouri’s foster care system. Erin spent 8 years living in foster care in St. Louis, Missouri. She entered foster care at the age of 11, and is currently in a foster home that has loved and cared for her for 7 years. Erin has 4 biological siblings,... Read more

Robert Whitlock

Robert Witlock headshot
Robert entered foster care at the age 16. Robert and his family did not get along well, and he put himself into care knowing nothing about the system. At first, he then had a hard time following rules in the system, but he eventually began to learn how to adapt... Read more

TeAsia Henderson

TeAsia Henderson headshot
4 years in Missouri’s foster care system. TeAsia initially entered Missouri’s foster care system at age 17. She was removed out of her home and this resulted in homelessness. She continued to get good grades and kept up with three after schools jobs. After three unsuccessful foster placements that is... Read more

Kaitlynn Dutkiewicz

Kaitlynn Dutkiewicz spent 5 years in Missouri's foster care system. Kaitlynn has been in foster care for four years now, and will be turning 19 years old this year. She currently lives with the grandmother of one of her best friends. Kaitlynn is not currently in school, so she is... Read more

Dashley Barnes

Dashley Barnes spent 5 years in Missouri's foster care system, Dashley was placed into care at the age of 14. While in foster care, she experienced separation from her siblings, a kinship placement, a group home and a foster home. She was placed with an amazing woman who helped turn... Read more

Juliona Wease

Juliona Wease spent 7 years in Missouri's foster care system. Juliona first entered care when she was 13; before entering care, she would have to worry about things a normal 13 year-old shouldn't have to worry about like food and shelter. After graduating from Saint Louis Job Corps, she attended... Read more

Terrance Bason Jr.

Terrance spent 17 years in Missouri's foster care system. Terrance's foster care experience included placement in residential treatment facilities where he experienced challenges while learning how to be independent and communicate effectively. He has volunteered at the Fountain of Life Youth Ministries and received an award for Mentoring from the... Read more