Jessica Determan

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Years in care: 4 At the age of 14, Jessica was placed into foster care, going through several traditional foster homes and one kinship placement, she finally found her family at the age of 17. With the support of her family, she started out college at Minnesota West Community and... Read more

Kayla VanDyke

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Age 18, 9 years in Minnesota’s foster care system. Kayla entered into foster care when she was four years old. She went back to live with her birth family three years later before reentering care at age thirteen. Kayla has lived in seven different foster homes and attended ten different... Read more

Chaquanna Lattimore

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Chaquanna is 20 years old. She is from Chicago, Illinois but has spent 8 years in the Minnesota Foster Care System. Chaquanna's experience in the system has been long and challenging. Being moved around and switched from placement to placement has added onto the already stressful and difficult environment of... Read more

Jessica Edgar

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Jessica entered Minnesota's foster care system where she was separated from her siblings at the age of 9. Jessica was adopted at the age of 15 with her younger brother. After high school graduation, she has been working on achieving her dream of changing the world by volunteering and advocating... Read more

Russell Barnes

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Russell went through multiple placements that spread between Kinship & foster homes. Russell had to search for a foster home on his own to stay in the same school district while in high school. He is currently attending the university of Minnesota-Twin Cities, majoring in Journalism & Social justice. Russell... Read more

Sophie Sandin

Sophie spent 7 years in Minnesota's foster care system. Permanently removed from her biological mother's care at 10 years of age and removed from her father's care at age 11, Sophie Sandin experienced over 23 different placements including kinship care, treatment centers, group homes, emergency, temporary and long-term foster care... Read more

Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

Oluwatobi spent 1 years in Minnesota's foster care system. Born in Nigeria, Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi spent one year in foster care before she was adopted. Even though her past was filled with pain, trauma and bullying, she chooses to focus on the future by setting goals. Oluwatobi does not let the... Read more

Victoria Myers

Victoria spent 2.5 years in Minnesota's foster care system. Victoria entered the foster care system at the age of 15, in the middle of her sophomore year of high school. She lived in a relative/kinship placement home for a year before she was sent away. She found a permanent foster... Read more

Aliyah Boatman

Aliyah Boatman spent 2 years in Minnesota's foster care system. On June 1st, 2015, Aliyah entered foster care and was placed in a single parent home in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. She attended North Academy of Arts High School where she also graduated in June of 2016. As an intern at the... Read more

Javon Turner

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Javon Turner spent 15 years in the Minnesota’s foster care system Javon is attending Normandale Community College and hopes to transfer to the Dunwoody College to achieve a degree in marketing and psychology. He volunteered as a youth leader at Waite Park Wesleyan Church for a year. In addition he... Read more