JJ Hitch

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JJ Hitch spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brief Biography: JJ Hitch is a college student studying Communication and is hoping he can talk his way into a job after he graduates. He has been involved in a number of conferences and internships helping to raise awareness, empower... Read more

Marcus Brown

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Marcus Brown spent 5 years in foster care. Brief Biography: During care Marcus was in 2 placements. He was fortunate to be adopted by a loving, supportive family that has now adopted 17 other siblings and raised an additional 6 biological children - one big happy family. Marcus feels grateful... Read more

Kamille Tynes

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Kamille entered care at the age of 14 and remains in foster care today. She is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan, and hopes to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Kamille's long-term goal is to obtain a Masters degree in Social Work. Kamille works with the Blavin... Read more

Josephine Graham

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Josephine and her siblings were placed in separate foster homes when entering care. Although she was never placed in a residential setting, her siblings were. Josephine was recommended for Independent Living the summer before her senior year of high school. She obtained an apartment, was employed and an active participant... Read more

Michael Fombang

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“The biggest challenge for me was to learn English and fit into a new society with a different culture. I have been in many countries in Africa and we all seemed to practice the same behavior in a given situation. But when I arrived here it was a different world... Read more

Angela Elizabeth Hoffman

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After several mismatches in foster homes throughout high school, Angela was lucky enough to go to a foster family for respite. She found foster parents who were willing to not only take her in for her senior year, but to also support her through her transition into college. "My foster... Read more

Jillian Jones

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At the age of 14 Jillian was placed into a foster home where she stayed until she aged out of the system at age 18. "Because my foster parents were the kind of people they were, I learned how to become a better person by modeling myself after them." Jillian... Read more

Branden Tomac

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Branden first entered the foster care system at the age of 5 while living in Ohio. He was in the system for about 18 months before being placed again with biological family. At the age of nine, Branden went back into the system in the state of Michigan. This time... Read more

Jonnie Hill

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Jonnie transitioned out of the foster care system 3 years ago after experiencing numerous group home and residential placements. Her motto while in her placements was “hard work pays off” and she kept that in mind while working towards independence and self-sufficiency. Jonnie remains extremely active in advocating for the... Read more

Shawn Semelsberger

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Shawn entered care at the age of 14 and aged out in the middle of her High School year. For all technicalities she was homeless for a short period of time. During her this period the only time she ate was at school because she qualified for free lunch. Due... Read more