Halley Miller

Halley Miller 6 months in Michigan’s foster care system 20 years old She/Her/Hers Halley entered care at 16, where she experienced 2 foster home placements. The initial home was a terrible experience for her and her siblings - where she questions if they were even certified to be a foster... Read more

Arielle Duncan

Arielle Duncan 6 years in Michigan’s foster care system 18 years old She/Her/Hers Arielle Duncan is originally from Battle Creek, but now lives in Detroit, attending Wayne State University, majoring in Public Relations. She has lived in 5 different foster homes and 3 separate guardianship, from the time she was... Read more

Minny Whitfield

6 years in Michigan’s Foster Care System Minny is a 20-year-old student at Michigan State University who is studying social work. Minny has been inconsistently in foster care for about six years. She was initially removed from her mom and placed with her dad. Minny then experienced domestic violence at... Read more

Katlyn Taylor

Katlyn Taylor headshot
Years in care: 2 When Katlyn entered care she was placed with her aunt. After about two years in care, she was adopted by her aunt and her husband. Most recently she graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies from Glen Oaks Community College. While attending community college she... Read more

Sade Bradford

Sade Bradford headshot
In foster care 7 years, Michigan. Sade and her siblings were removed from her mother’s care when Sade was only a oneyear old, as her mother was unable to properly care for her and her siblings. She had a kinship placement with her aunt until her aunt relinquished guardianship rights... Read more