Minny Whitfield

6 years in Michigan’s Foster Care System Minny is a 20-year-old student at Michigan State University who is studying social work. Minny has been inconsistently in foster care for about six years. She was initially removed from her mom and placed with her dad. Minny then experienced domestic violence at... Read more

Katlyn Taylor

Katlyn Taylor headshot
Years in care: 2 When Katlyn entered care she was placed with her aunt. After about two years in care, she was adopted by her aunt and her husband. Most recently she graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies from Glen Oaks Community College. While attending community college she... Read more

Sade Bradford

Sade Bradford headshot
In foster care 7 years, Michigan. Sade and her siblings were removed from her mother’s care when Sade was only a oneyear old, as her mother was unable to properly care for her and her siblings. She had a kinship placement with her aunt until her aunt relinquished guardianship rights... Read more

Nichole Jenks

Nichole Jenks headshot
Nichole was born and raised in Michigan. She entered the foster care system at age 12. Seven years and seven different placements later Nichole is on her way to independence. Nichole did experience neglect and abuse in her life, but she has decided to turn her negative experiences into something... Read more

Justin McElwee

Justin McElwee headshot
Justin entered foster care at age 13. He stayed in several different types of placements including residential treatment facilities, kinship care, shelter, detention center, and group home. Justin eventually finished high school, after transferring high schools 8 times, and continued on with his education at Saginaw Valley State University before... Read more