Kayla Morgan

Kayla Morgan spent 8 years in Michigan's foster care system Kayla’s life and service to the community are driven by a simple but painful reality; as she says it, “I know how it feels to be lost and feel like no one loves you. I want to bring love and... Read more

Antoinette Conway

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Antoinette Conway spent over 7 years in Michigan’s foster care system. Antoinette’s life experience personifies the concept of the heroes journey. Having lived within the foster care system for 7 years and endured the loss of many important people in her life to drug overdoses, accidents and incarceration, Antoinette is... Read more

Dameika Merriwether

Dameika Merriwether spent 6 years in Michigan's foster care system. Dameika Merriwether is a tribute to the strength and determination of youth in foster care. Since she entered care at the age of 13, she has experienced four foster care home placements, six weeks of homeless couch surfing, seven months... Read more

Josue Castro

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For Josue, childhood was full of immense challenges. Born in Honduras, adopted at birth, soon after his adoptive family collapsed and he experienced horrible crimes against him and his family as a young boy. At age 14, Josue entered foster care in the U.S. had been placed in five different... Read more

Jasmine Millwood

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Jasmine Millwood “does not let her past define her, and works tirelessly every day to make a difference in the lives of the children that need it the most,” says her nominator. Her story involves 36 different foster care placements, overcoming an experience of sexual abuse, degrees of starvation, beatings,... Read more

Taren Fales

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Taren Fales, calling on her a natural competitive instinct, is determined not to be a foster care outcomes statistic. Sadly, those statistics show that by 20 a young lady like Taren might have a criminal record or be pregnant. In Ms. Fales case, she bucks the statistics. She is a college... Read more

Michele Zeman

Michele Zeman spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Michele entered Michigan's foster care system at age 14. She was placed with her grandma along with her sister. Her sister and her are really close and she considers her her best friend. Michele's excellence in the classroom led to... Read more

Jewel Rich

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Jewel Rich spent nearly 4 years in Michigan's Foster Care System. Jewel Rich describes herself as “an entrepreneur; singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, fashion designer, visionary, philosopher, life coach, and an advocate for all those with ‘no voice’.” She is also a youth in foster care who is using her... Read more

Cherish Thomas

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Cherish Thomas spent 14 years in Michigan's and Georgia's Foster Care System “Youth are people with purpose,” Cherish Thomas says. A big thinker with even bigger goals, Cherish is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation, she will step into the role... Read more

Tobias Rogan

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Tobias spent 11 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brief Biography: Tobias is currently a 3rd year at Western Michigan University, persuing a degree in Film & Media. Being abandoned a young age, Tobias was faced with homelessness and separation from his entire biological family. After spending a year homeless,... Read more