Brittney Barros

Brittney spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brittney Barros, after living with neglect, entered her first time in care at the age of 11. After struggling for a long time, her mom finally regained custody of Brittney and her siblings. Watching her mom beat drug addiction and getting... Read more

Brandon Youngblood

Brandon was in Michigan's foster care system for 7 years. Brandon is a sophomore at Western Michigan University and continually makes the Dean’s list of honors. He proactively pursues leadership opportunities to better himself and others. Recently he was selected to be a Peer Ambassador for the Seita Scholars Program... Read more

Angelica Cox

Angelica spent 2 years in Michigan's foster care system and was placed into kinship care, when she was eleven years old. To help escape the trauma in her life, Angelica focused heavily on her academics and became involved in several extra curricular activities at school. In 2013, she graduated from... Read more

Stephanie Otis

Stephanie Otis spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. While it would be easy to grow bitter after a lifetime of disappointments and rejections, Stephanie remains remarkable for her ability to turn hardship into compassion for others. After many years in the foster care system, several unsuccessful placements, and... Read more

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming spent 7 years in Michigan's foster care system. After entering into the foster care system at age 15, Marie was placed into a facility for six months until she was finally released into the custody of her grandmother. During her transition from foster care, Marie continued to struggle... Read more

Alex Villarreal

Alex Villarreal spent 6 years in Michigan's foster care system A true leader is often someone who does an incredible amount of work with little to no recognition. Although Alex has had to face the challenges of a learning disability as well as a host of circumstances imposed on him... Read more

Melinda Smith

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Melinda Smith spent 1 year in Michigan's foster care system. Even with having to face the trails of foster care and her illness with lupus, Melinda remains a beacon of positive energy for everyone around her. While Melinda has been quoted as saying, “I can either sit around and be... Read more

Robert Parsons

Robert Parsons spent 2 years in Michigan's foster care system. There are those that dream and there are those with the tenacity to follow their dreams. Although Robert was only in foster care as an infant before being adopted into a loving family at the age of two, the hardships... Read more

Qunesha Divers

Qunesha Divers spent 2 years in Michigan's foster care system. Qunesha was in foster care for only two years. “Only” was long enough for Qunesha who experienced separation from her little brother which she says was by far the most difficult part of being put into foster care. It wasn’t... Read more

Katelynn Morris

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Katelynn Morris spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Katelynn Morris’s biography over the last few years—the amount of placements, the amount of schools, the separation from her siblings—and you might not think she had a lot of time for herself, much less for other people. But her resume... Read more