Daniesha Tobey-­Richards

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Daniesha was born in Falmouth, MA. She was placed into Foster care at the age 1, and her mother was granted reunification when Daniesha was seven. Her family moved to a large city where Daniesha lived for the next seven years until she and her siblings were, once again, placed... Read more

Jonathan Grandoit

Jonathan spent 4 years in Massachusetts' foster care system. Jonathan’s desire to make a difference is evident in all he does. He was born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States at a young age. Jonathan has experienced challenges involving immigration status, housing, school and financial. He took charge... Read more

Eric Diaz

Eric spent 9 years in Massachusetts' foster care system. Eric, a resident of Massachusetts, has lived through the foster care system for about nine years. His life goal has been to bring justice where the voices are made silent and oppressed. It’s a tremendous goal he admits, but he states... Read more

Victoria Nasanga

Victoria Nasanga spent 10 years in Massachusetts' foster care system. Victoria spent 14 years in foster care and experienced many moves and several unsuccessful adoptions. Victoria stayed in extended care and it wasn’t until 19 that Victoria found permanency with an adoptive mother. It was Victoria’s own self-advocacy and resiliency... Read more

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz spent 7 years in Massachusetts' foster care system. Eric has spent 6 years in Massachusetts’ foster care system beginning at 14 and is still in extended care. He has experienced multiple placements including emergency placements, foster homes, kinship, and congregate care. He was fortunate to be placed with... Read more

Tracy Powers

Tracy Powers spent 2 years in Massachusetts's foster care system. Tracey was placed in care at 13 when her family filed a CHINS (Child in need of services) petition because of her mental health issues. “My family and I did not intend to walk out of the courtroom separated but... Read more

Christian Boucher

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Finding the good despite all odds. That’s what Chris Boucher believes in. This steadfast optimism is what’s carried Chris though the twists and turns of a tumultuous childhood, setting him on the path toward becoming quite the honorable adult. Growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts, Chris experienced five foster care... Read more

James Hickson

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James Hickson spent 5 years in Massachusetts' Foster Care System. Nineteen year old James Hickson is beating all the odds. James, who spent 5 years in foster care, was the first in his family to graduate high school and this spring will become the first to graduate college. He is... Read more

Franklin Burgos

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Franklin Burgos spent 13 years in Massachusetts's Foster Care System Franklin entered foster care at the age of nine and spent the next thirteen years of his life in the system. Although he grew up in the foster care system, Franklin graduated high school and went on to attend college,... Read more

Esther Lopez

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In foster care since age 10, in a total of four different homes since, Esther appreciates the insights she has gained from having been in the system. “Being in the foster care system, though a difficult experience, has allowed me to appreciate everything that I have been granted in life:... Read more