Dianna Portee-Mason

Dianna Portee- Mason spent 8 years in Maryland's foster care system. Dianna has spent a majority of her life in the foster care system. She has transitioned out of care at the end of last year and currently is in her own apartment. Dianna is currently enrolled in college and... Read more

Raquan Lewis

Raquan spent 6 years in Maryland's foster care system. Over the past six years, Raquan has endured foster care placements that were not the best fit but he has also experienced the satisfaction of finding a caring adult with whom he has developed respect, trust and love. Raquan has committed... Read more

Catherine Sanders

Catherine spent 7 years in Maryland's foster care system. Catherine entered foster care at the age of 13 and remained under the state's care till 21. Even though she experienced instability and struggled with her studies in during foster care, she will join the 3% of former foster youth that... Read more

D’Artagnan B. Caliman

D'Artagnan Caliman has been a board member since 2017 D'Artagnan Caliman is a State/Territory Liaison for the Capacity Building Center for States (which is a subcontractor of the Children's Bureau). In this role, he partners closely with the Children's Bureau and states to identify strengths and challenges within state child... Read more

Chante’ Bonner

Chante spent 11 years in the Maryland’s foster care system Chante’ is currently attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her goal is to become a licensed clinical social worker, and entrepreneur. As a Social Work Intern she provides individual treatment therapy to students with emotional and behavioral problems. Chante’ is... Read more

Nikalette Briscoe

Nikalette Briscoe spent 9 years in Maryland's foster care system. Nikalette spent 6 years in Maryland’s foster care system. She experienced several types of placements from kinship care to group homes and finally a foster home till she aged out at 21. In her placements Nikalette never felt like she... Read more

Goldie Brown

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Goldie Brown spent over 12 years in Maryland's foster care system. With the loving support of his current foster family, Goldie Brown has impacted the future of many youth. Among his many community service hours including cleaning parks, helping homeless and elderly, there is one experience that really stands out... Read more


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annonymous spent 5 years in Maryland's Foster Care System Learning opportunity abounds for this college student from Maryland. Her philosopy seems to be that where there is challenge, there will be a chance to achieve, learn, and pass along her experience. Her little brother has been the lucky recipient of her... Read more

Zefer Tesfamariyam

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Zefer Tesfamariyam spent 2 years in Maryland's Foster Care System At age 14, Zefer’s parents sent her (alone and as a minor) on a journey to the United States because the war situation in her home country of Eritrea (on the horn of Africa) proved too dangerous for her family,... Read more

Eric C. Lulow

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After spending several years in foster care, experiencing a failed adoption and finding himself on his own at the age of eighteen, Eric Lulow relied on friends and mentors for support. He was able to put himself through college working as a construction worker and a youth advocate, and in... Read more