Angelica Cross-Cain

Angelica Cross-Cain spent 8 years in the Maine foster care system Angelica (Angel) is in her second year of college at Southern Maine Community College after graduating high school on the honor roll and entering foster care at the age of 12. She is a sociology major with a concentration... Read more

Amber Munson

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Amber Munson spent 9.5 years in Maine's foster care system. Amber spent 6 years in foster care beginning at 12 and experienced multiple types of placements including foster homes and congregate care until she aged out. Amber enjoys being a part of her local youth advisory board, often speaking around... Read more

Jessica Henderson

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Jessica Henderson spent time in Maine's foster care system. Jessica Henderson understands the nuances of being a foster youth with no real background to hold on to. She sees that for many foster youth, an emotional wall is constructed to protect them from the mental trauma that comes with constant... Read more

Emily Crocker

Emily Crocker spent 21 years in Maine's foster care system Emily Crocker is a shining example of personal resilience and turning difficult experiences into dedicated leadership and care for others. Having lived within the foster care system for 21 years, with over 12 placements that took her to multiple states... Read more

Ashley Landry

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For a young lady who started out with the odds against her, Ashley Landry has more than made her way to a better life. In fact, by many standards, she’s now ahead of the game. Ashley joined the foster system when she was just 2 years old. The next several... Read more

Leah Alejandra Cleland

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Leah Alejandra Cleland spent 11 years in Maine's foster care system. Leah was placed in care at the age of 7. After 2 failed adoptions, 8 foster homes and 2 group homes Leah successfully graduated from high school in 2010. Overcoming obstacles like physical and emotional abuse, Leah now lives... Read more

Joshua Calcia

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Joshua Calcia spent 11 years in Maine's Foster Care System. Joshua Calcia is currently pursuing his Associate’s Degree and plans to work at getting his Bachelor’s Degree following completion of his current program. On top of being a full time student, Joshua works part time but still finds time to... Read more

Dustin Strout

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Dustin has been involved in the system most of his life. He entered care at 18 months and was in 5 placements until the age of 9. Dustin then ran away and ended up in a group home, where he again ran away, ending up in a lockdown mental institution... Read more

Victoria Bernard

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Victoria’s foster care experiences began at the age of 13. “When I first got entered the system, I hated it. They took me away from my family, moved me around, and took me away from my friends whom I never wanted to let go of. But as I thought about... Read more