Htet Htet Rodgers

Htet Htet Rodgers spent 7 years in foster care Htet Htet entered the United States as a young girl when her parents were imprisoned in Southeast Asia. Later, she was removed from the care of extended family and entered foster care. Htet found security, love and guidance with her foster... Read more

Kent Battiste

Kent Battiste spent 1 year in Louisiana's foster care system. Described as a born leader, Kent rises to every responsibility given to him. In leadership roles, he is able to understand objectives and moves forward to accomplish them. He communicates with colleagues in a very personable and understanding way, he... Read more

Jennifer Vidrine

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Jennifer Vidrine entered foster care during the most formative time in a girl’s life: high school. Instead of dreaming about prom dates and weekend outings, she focused on what she would be coming home to. Jennifer moved through several foster homes until aging out of the system, leaving her autistic... Read more

LaBreka Williams

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LaBreka Williams spent 14 years in Louisiana's Foster Care System. So what do you do when life deals you a hard hand and circumstances keep arising to push you back? Do you give up, lie down and announce defeat? Not if you’re LaBreka Williams. LaBreka was four when she entered... Read more

Jerry Luevano

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Jerry Luevano spent 4 1/2 years in Louisianna's Foster Care System. Raised by his grandparents along with seven siblings, Jerry Luevano was placed in foster care in Louisiana when he was fourteen. After living in group homes, he eventually moved on to Youth Challenge where he realized he could turn... Read more