Tiara Mosley

Tiara Mosley spent 4 years in Iowa’s foster care system. Tiara experienced many placements including congregate care, residential treatment centers, and shelter placement. Tiara is currently a part of Iowa’s advocacy group, Achieving Maximum Potential.Tiara is a Mentor to younger youth in AMP and has been a leader since she... Read more

Jacob Carmi

After spending two years in the foster care system in the Midwest, Jacob uses any opportunity to apply his first-hand experience to benefit and expand the child welfare system in terms of policy change, procedure, and even changing laws. He helped facilitate the first Department of Human Services training in... Read more

Laticia Aossey

Laticia spent 19 years in Iowa's foster care system. Laticia has dedicated her life to overcoming the statistics and stereotypes placed on foster kids. She was born to two teenage parents who struggled with abuse and addiction, which landed her in the system at an early age. She had to... Read more