Janessa Senter

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Age 21, 2 years in Iowa’s foster care system. Janessa entered the Iowa foster care system at the age of 14 years old. Her placements included youth shelters, group homes, and several foster homes over a short period of time. Janessa is very proud foster care alum and is now... Read more

Brittanie Albrecht

Brittanie spent 4 years in care Brittanie is currently enrolled in an accounting program at the University of Phoenix. She entered foster care when she was in eighth grade and experienced a number of challenges. One of the biggest challenges Brittanie faced was adjusting from being the parent figure of... Read more

Warren Krieg

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Warren Krieg spent 3 years in Iowa's foster care system. Warren entered foster care at 15 and entered a residential treatment center (RTC) through the juvenile justice system. Despite what are often insurmountable odds for success in the juvenile justice system Warren used his positive attitude and desire to mentor... Read more

Jacob Carmi

After spending two years in the foster care system in the Midwest, Jacob uses any opportunity to apply his first-hand experience to benefit and expand the child welfare system in terms of policy change, procedure, and even changing laws. He helped facilitate the first Department of Human Services training in... Read more

Laticia Aossey

Laticia spent 19 years in Iowa's foster care system. Laticia has dedicated her life to overcoming the statistics and stereotypes placed on foster kids. She was born to two teenage parents who struggled with abuse and addiction, which landed her in the system at an early age. She had to... Read more

Cristen Galloway

Cristen Galloway spent 4 years in Iowa's foster care system Miss Galloway was in Iowa’s system for 4 years. She last attended Scavo - Des Moines, IA where she held an impressive 3.8 GPA. She would like to get her GED and then attend college as soon as her finances... Read more

Jewell Barker

Jewell Barker spent 4 years in Iowa's foster care system. Jewell Barker, age 20, participated in foster care for four years in the state of Iowa. She lived in three foster homes including the one that she ended up getting adopted into. At present she is enrolled at Simpson College... Read more

Alisha Wauters

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Alisha Wauters recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree. Throughout her tenure as a college student, she maintained an excellent GPA, was accepted to the university’s honors program, and made both the dean’s and the president’s lists. She says, “I want to work... Read more

Tracye Redd

Tracye Redd spent 6 years in Iowa’s foster care system. Tracye entered the Iowa foster care system at the age of 12. He's made his way through 8 different placements, including foster homes, shelters and even residential facilities. He graduated from high school a year early at the age of... Read more


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Isaiah spent 6 years in Iowa's Foster Care System Isaiah knows about foster care. He was removed from his home and put into a group facility at age twelve with no idea what to expect. A number of foster care placements followed until he finally "aged out" of Supervised Apartment... Read more