Mercedes Wooten

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Mercedes Wooten, 21, Indiana, spent 5 years in foster care in many different placements. She is the youngest of five siblings. She previously interned at the Wilkie Farr & Gallagher (LLP) Law firm. Currently, she attends college in Indiana and majors in Political Science with hopes to become a lawyer... Read more

Kyra White

Before aging out, Kyra White spent ten years in the foster care system experiencing ten placements in regular and therapeutic foster homes. She entered care the age of eight, due to an abusive stepfather and her mother's incarceration. Kyra found it incredibly hard to build healthy relationships due to constant... Read more

Savannah Lundgren

Savannah spent 6 years in Indiana's foster care system. Savannah was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma when she was just 14. After her first bone marrow transplant is when it was realized that her home life wasn't suitable for her care and was she was placed into foster care. Despite the... Read more

Joslyn Campbell

Joslyn Campbell spent 4.5 years in Illinois’s foster care system. Joslyn has been able to grow from her experience in foster care and has shown strong resilience.She can inspire anyone and has a goal orientated mind. This young woman decided to double up on classes to be able to start... Read more

Stephen Pond

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Stephen Pond, at 20, is very aware of his responsibility to others. Through many tough times in the foster system, he has come out shining and has been a part of many changes on the legislative level for the child welfare system. He is a natural born leader and mentor,... Read more

Cody P

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Seventeen year old Cody Pollard entered foster care at age 12 with an older sibling, and four years later is thriving, helping his community, and making a big impression on all those he encounters. Much of Cody’s service is connected with his church, having embarked on multiple mission trips and... Read more

Freddie Scott

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Freddie Scott spent 11 years in Indiana's Foster Care System After eleven years in foster care, Freddie Scott not only lives independently, but also finds time to give back to his foster care community through Generation Now Youth Leadership Board. “I have learned what volunteering is all about; I have... Read more

Shannon Lakes

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Shannon entered the foster care system at the age of fourteen. She was placed in two residential treatment facilities and two group homes. Shannon had family who wanted to take her in but were not allowed to do so. She is currently attending Ivy Tech Community college.Read more

Cierra Wattley

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Cierra moved in and out of homes, with eight moves total while facing the challenges of the foster care system. Initially entering care at the age of 8, she was able to find her forever home at the age of 16 and was adopted shortly after first meeting her mother... Read more

Eprise Armstrong

Eprise Armstrong entered system in Indiana with four other siblings at the age of five. She spent her time in a number of group & foster homes; accruing her fair share of families, schools, even one additional biological brother. Eprise transitioned/graduated high school at 17 and began college. Four years... Read more