Joshua David Sanchez

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Joshua David Sanchez, an 18 year old from Hawai'i is a recent James Campbell High School graduate. Josh and his two brothers were sent from California to Hawai’i to live with their father, but were placed in foster care after he was no longer able to care for them. This... Read more

Andromeda Orltoff

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In foster care 14 years, Hawaii Ann is a native of Hawaii who entered the foster care system at the age of 5. After being placed in numerous foster homes, she finally found a loving and supportive family she lived with for 8 years. During high school Ann was a... Read more

Patricia Duh

Patricia spent 6 years in Hawaii's foster care system. Patricia first entered care at ten years old; she was reunified with her mother and re-entered care after really unfortunate events at age 16. After difficult struggles including over 6 different placements in 2 years and being separated from her siblings,... Read more

Rachel Burke

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Rachel Burke spent 5 years in Hawaii's foster care system. After spending part of her youth in the foster system of Hawaii, Rachel went on to attend the University of Hawaii Center at West Hawaii and has maintained a 4.0 GPA. She is seeking her Bachelor’s Degree in business and... Read more

Keola Limkin

Keola Limkin spent 6 years in Hawaii's foster care system. Mr. Limkin spent 6 years in the Hawaii system and is now on track to graduate with a BA in Psychology and Communications. He plans to find work in the social services field upon graduation and work towards a graduate... Read more

Gernani Yutob, Jr

Gernani Yutob Jr spent 4 years in Hawaii's foster care system Gernani is a young man with a knack for inspirational leadership. He is an for other young people, currently working as a facilitator with EPIC ‘Ohana Inc., helping other’s living or aging out of foster care with their transitional... Read more

Nanglar "Noy" Worachit

Nanglar "Noy" Worachit spent 6 years in Hawaii's foster care system. Noy Worachit is 20 years old from Hawaii. She serves as the vice-president of the HI H.O.P.E.S. Youth Leadership Board on Oahu, which is a part of the Hawaii Youth Opportunities Initiative. The Initiative is a partner site of... Read more

Robert Heanu-Toyama

Robert "Pono" Heanu-Toyama spent 8 years in Hawaii's foster care system. The tropical archipelago of Hawaii is a paradise to some, but not all. Robert “Pono” Heanu-Toyama knows. Having been in and out of foster care since he was 7 years old, Pono has been subjected to all the horrors... Read more