Jessica Overstreet

Jessica Overstreet spent 3.5 years in Florida's foster care system. Jessica entered foster care when she was age 14. While in foster care, she remembers feeling like she had no one on her side. Separated from her family, she felt disconnected from the people who were supposed to be her... Read more

Latoya Hester

Latoya Hester spent 2 years in Florida's foster care system. Miss Hester obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Florida in 2014. She was placed in relative care for 2 years in Florida and now has immersed herself in the community she is in. She became the President of... Read more

Patricia Etienne

Patricia Etienne is currently in care with Florida's foster care system. Patricia has been in and out of the Florida system and is currently still in care. She is currently dual-enrolled at Gulf Coast High and Edison State College and after graduating from high school will be attending Florida International... Read more

Victor Sims

Victor Sims spent 11 years in Florida's foster care system. Seventeen-year-old Victor Sims is a committed student and younger leader, already demonstrating a commitment to his community and country. Victor has excelled in his education, receiving multiple awards and recognition, including a spot on the National Honor Society. Victor was... Read more

Otto Phillips

Otto Phillips spent 13 years in Florida's foster care system. Otto came into care at age five when the state took him and his 3 sisters from his mom and abusive boyfriend. They were placed with their grandmother for 10 years until she passed away. “It was the worst time... Read more

Trenton Miller

Trenton Miller spent 4 years in Florida's foster care system. As an older youth in the foster care system, Trenton spent most of his time in group homes. His mentor during his freshman year, got him involved in ROTC where Trenton flourished. He has logged more than 600 hours of... Read more

Chelsea Bramblett

Chelsea spent over 2 years in Florida's foster care system Chelsea entered foster care at age 15 with her sister. They remained connected and both aged out at 18. She has participated in an Independent Living Program and now lives successfully on her own. Chelsea is currently a senior in... Read more

Terrance P.

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Terrance P lives in Florida and attends Pathways Academy. After completing High School he plans to enroll at Florida Community College, and be an active band member. After this, his goals are to attend University of Georgia. His desire is to be a professional wrestler, so he spends a lot... Read more

Tara Dinoski

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Tara Dinoski spent 5 1/2 years in Florida's Foster Care System Tara Dinoski is not only active in a youth board, but also founded and formed one. According to an adult supporter, “Tara is a humble advocate with a huge passion for finding ways to supply foster youth and youth... Read more