Julia Villamizar

Julia Villamizar headshot
In foster care 2.5 years, Florida. Julia has successfully lived on her own since her emancipation from the foster care system at age 18. She currently works as a youth organizer for a foster youth advocacy organization in Miami called Miami Youth Shine, a group comprised of current and former... Read more

Antron DeMario McCullough

Antron DeMario McCullough headshot
Antron McCullough entered into the foster care system while in pre-­‐K. He was adopted at the age of 8, and then placed back into the foster care system at age 10, where he remained until he aged out at 18. He went through 7 elementary schools. Antron has been featured... Read more

David Van Horn

David Van Horn headshot
3 years in Florida’s and Michigan’s foster care system David was adopted from the foster care system as an infant by a single man who worked in the hospital. David grew up with five other siblings who weren't related by blood, but loved each other as such. In 2008, David... Read more

Emily Tao

Emily Tao headshot
Emily Tao is a 21 year old foster-care alumni. She was in the system for four years and has been in four different placements. She is currently attending the University of North Florida for social work and public health. FosterClub has given her the opportunity to advocate for other kids... Read more

Julia Schaffer

Julia Schaffer headshot
Julia Schaffer is a 20 year old Junior at Florida State University. She spent 17 combined years in foster care systems around the country. Her experience in care has inspired her to share her story with other foster youth through local conferences and advocacy efforts. Through these efforts she hopes... Read more

Samantha Rogers

Samantha Rogers headshots
Samantha Rogers is a 22 year old senior at Florida State University. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Social Work, with hopes to obtain her Masters and law degree soon after. After spending a combined total of 7 years in Florida's foster care system, Samantha became passionate about... Read more

Betty Prescott

Betty Prescott headshot
Betty Prescott is a 22 year old student at Broward College in Florida. She is currently pursuing her Associates Degree in Elementary Education with plans to own and operate her own daycare facility. Her six years in Florida's foster care system has created a strong passion to mentor and care... Read more

Adam "Shang" Gigliotti

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Adam entered foster care when he was 16 and spent one year in the state of Florida's foster care system. His case was very high profile and he faced many awkward situations at school due to the fact that his story was being told all over the media. He graduated... Read more

Kenisha Anthony

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Kenisha E. Anthony is 22 years of age, from Miami, Florida and is a 2014 All-Star. After spending 13 years in the Florida’s child welfare system, Ms. Anthony’s experiences have inspired her to acquire a career in Law with a background in the Social Work field serving current and former... Read more