Sixto Cancel

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Sixto first entered foster care when he was 11 months old, and moved through several foster homes for the past 20 years in care with he ten brothers and sisters. He currently lives in Richmond, VA where he is a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. Sixto chaired the Southwestern Connecticut... Read more

Jaquan Harris

Jaquan Harris spent 12 years in the Connecticut’s foster care system Jaquan attends Curry College and plans to graduate with bachelors degree in Fine Arts, specifically, Communications with a concentration in Theater and Film Studies. His goal is to become a successful actor. He has been in foster care since... Read more

Vincent Espino

Vincent Espino spent 4 years in Connecticut's foster care system. Over the past few years, Vincent has made an impact on Connecticut’s foster care system. Along with juggling school and work, Vincent has always found time to give back to the foster care system and make it better for the... Read more

Lexie Gruber

Lexie Gruber spent 8 years in Connecticut's foster care system. Lexie Gruber is a force to be reckoned with. During the seven and a half years that Lexie spent in Connecticut’s foster care system, she has made significant strides to improve the foster care system for those that are currently... Read more

Michael Peno

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Mike Peno loves his life. He entered foster care at age 11, and while in care he was in about 12 different placements, moving once or twice a year. All of Mike placements were group homes except for one, which was a wilderness therapy program for at risk foster youth... Read more

Katie Dydyn

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In her own words, Katie “is proof that your past doesn’t limit your future”. She was a victim and survivor of domestic violence. After a police-involved incident, Katie stayed with a relative for several weeks, then moved into a friend’s home on a 24 hour emergency hold. Her friend’s parents... Read more

Allison Taylor

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Allison is a strong, independent, resilient young woman. She has dealt head on with many struggles while in foster care and has lived in a wide variety of placements, from kinship care, to long term foster homes, to group homes. Although Allison faced many challenges while in care, she aged... Read more

Heather Marone

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Heater spent 5 years in Conneticut's foster care system. Brief Biography: Although Heather now lives independently, she has been in the foster care system for five years and has lived in five different placements. Heather is attending school in her home state of Connecticut to become a licensed paramedic. Her... Read more

Jahvern Cole

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Jahvern spent 8 years in the foster care system, and says he is the person he is today because of it. “I truly believe that part of my life was just a stepping stone and a learning experience. It’s helped get me where I am today and it will not... Read more