Wendy Schiller

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2005 FosterClub All-Star Wendy Schiller grew up in Colorado. She has lived in seven different foster homes in six and a half years. Wendy plans to attend CSU-Pueblo, and is currently undecided about a major but hopes to have a future in teaching. For now, Wendy is excited to be... Read more

Alex Pringle

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Alex is a senior at Metro State College of Denver majoring in biology, though he enjoys all of the sciences. He was adopted shortly after he entered the system at the age of two. But after a disrupted adoption at the age of 14, he reentered the system and underwent... Read more

Wendy Spronk

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Wendy Spronk spent 4.5 years in Colorado's foster care system. Beautiful Colorado is home to Wendy, who entered foster care at 14 and emancipated at 18. She calls the second foster home she was placed in home. Wendy has struggled with telling people her story. She loves to snowboard, play... Read more