Kreeoshia Burks-Moore

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Kreeoshia Burks-Moore spent 5 years in Colorado's Foster Care System. Kree was placed in foster care at the age of 13 . She has been in 3 placements including 2 foster homes and 1 kinship placement. Kree has overcome many obstacles in her life. Despite these obstacles Kree is very... Read more

Adriana Gomez Maldonado

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Adriana Gomez Maldonado spent around 5 years in Oregon's Foster Care System There is a sense of camaraderie about Adriana, a kind understanding and kinship she brings to her interactions with people. There’s also a strength that rises up for her people, and speaks out for the things she believes... Read more

Brandi Mason

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At the age of 5 years old, Brandi was placed in Foster care due to her parens having their own obsticles. She was placed in over 21 placements over the course of her life, including foster homes, group homes and treatment centers. During her time in the childwelfare system both... Read more

Jeremy Long

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Jeremy Long spent 5 years in Colorado's foster care system. Brief Biography: Jeremy Long spent 5 years in the Colorado foster care system. There he was lucky enough to only have one foster home who was supportive and only wanted to see him succeed. With the help of his foster... Read more

Daryle Conquering Bear

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At a young age, Daryle was placed in a position that i was not ready for, to be a father or to be the young responsible adult for my brothers and sisters. They were placed in care at the young ages of 12-4 years old. He is the oldest of... Read more

Zachary Pingatore

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Zachary was placed into a residential treatment center at age 16, moved to an independent living home when he was 17, and emancipated and went to live on his own at 18. Zachary helped found the El Paso County Youth Advisory Board, and is currently the Coordinator. He has shared... Read more

Tamisha Macklin

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Tamisha was in Colorado’s foster care system from 7 until emancipating at 19. She bounced between three foster homes, kinship care and six juvenile centers. She is currently a member of the Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Board, who help foster youth make successful transitions into adulthood. Tamisha has had... Read more

Jordan Cummings

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Jordan grew up in Russian orphanages before two unsuccessful adoptions in the United States. He then went through numerous placements in the US foster care system. At his last placement Jordan found his foster dad, who become a mentor and profoundly impacted his life. Unfortunately, he passed away and Jordan... Read more

Lisa Meehan

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Since the age of 4 Lisa has been in and out of foster homes, group homes, kinship care, and experienced a broken adoption. However, she has not been broken. Lisa demonstrates the strength and drive to not only survive her circumstances, but to use her experiences to strive for a... Read more

Roshii Torrez

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At the age of 16 Roshii was placed into care by entering a residential treatment facility. After 18 months, she was moved to a residential child care facility that provides an emphasis on independent living. She plans to move into her own apartment in the next six months prior to... Read more