Tiesha Davis

Tiesha Davis headshot
Age 19, 14 years in Colorado’s foster care system. While in care, Tiesha moved between 20 treatment centers, detention centers, and foster homes. After 2 failed adoptions, the third time was a charm. Her 3rd adoption was finalized on August 31, 2009 at age 18. Tiesha graduated from high school... Read more

Diego Conde

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Growing up without a father, and after his mother’s death from cancer at age 13, Diego was placed in foster care. He experienced three different group homes, where he witnessed constant gang involvement and dope dealing. Diego struggled with educational stability, but was able to graduate high school at the... Read more

Kodie Sirois

Kodie Sirois headshot
Kodie Sirois spent 2.5 years in Colorado's foster care system. Coming into foster care at age 16, Kodie lived in two foster homes, and an apartment until she imancipated at age 18. Kodie has risen above a harsh enviroment which consisted of drugs and alcholism. However this didn't distract Kodie... Read more

Erica Townson

Erica Townson spent 7 years in Colorado's foster care system. Erica was separated from my younger siblings at a young age, but was blessed with the opportunity to reunite with them. Currently she is attending the Community College of Denver to pursue her dreams of becoming an influential actress. A... Read more

Robert Ortega

Robert Ortega spent 4 years in Colorado's foster care system. Robert entered care when he was 14 years old and experienced four placements. At the age of 18, he became an alumnus of Colorado's foster care system. Through his foster care experience, Robert has gained an extended family totaling 13... Read more