Conleysha Gaston

Conleysha Gaston spent 10 years in California's foster care system Conleysha Gaston is a no-nonsense kind of girl. She's found her calling and, for now, her subject. What she does in her corner of California is talk about sex to many and varied groups around the state. She speaks up... Read more

Oscar Rolando Maldonado Jr

Oscar Rolando Maldonado Jr. spent 21 years old Spent 6 years in California's foster care system. Oscar is an impressive gentleman, with and outstanding amount of resilience and determination. He is currently living on his own and is employed with the San Diego Youth Service, and is enrolled in college... Read more

Jacob Blue

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Spent 6 years in California's foster care system Jacob spent his first several years in the foster care system living in group homes. Eventually, he moved into a foster home where he remained until graduating from high school. Jacob was awarded the Student of the Year Award by the Teachers... Read more

Barbara Bell

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Barbara Bell spent 18 years in California's foster care system. Barbara Bell is an exceptional advocate for children and youth in foster care in the county of Alameda in California. Entering the system at age one, Barbara remained in kinship care with her biological aunt for 18 years. Now age... Read more

Paulina Astafuroff

Paulina Astafuroff spent 10 years in California's foster care system. No longer in foster care but living in an adoptive home, Paulina Astafuroff was involved in foster care for 10 years and exited such care in April of 2010. She continues to provide care for her birth mother and her... Read more

Monique Perry

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Monique enjoys reaching out to others. She has used her love of public speaking at school functions, pep rallies, and work-related meetings and workshops, where she customizes her delivery to whichever group she is addressing. She reaches out to others in her church group, too, by participating in the youth... Read more

Akalei B.

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Six years in California’s foster care system were enough to show Akalei that there is definitely room for improvement in the way foster youth are treated while in foster care, and the resources available to them after they leave the system. With her extensive involvement in foster youth advocacy and... Read more

Paulette Anne Castro

Paulette Anne Castro spent 14 years in California's foster care system. Paulette was removed from her mothers care at the age of 5 years old and remained in California's foster care system for the next 14 years of her life. She has experienced 11 different movements in over 9 different... Read more

Jaleesa Suell

Jaleesa Suell spent 10 years in California’s foster care system. Jaleesa was removed from her biological mother and separated from her 4 siblings when she was eight years old. After living in six foster homes, she emancipated at age eighteen after graduating from high school. Jaleesa is involved with Foster... Read more

Andy Wagner

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Andy spent 6 years in California’s foster care system, entering at age 11. He is a college student, surfer, techie… and a foster kid. He experienced 24 placements 2 foster homes, 16 group homes and 6 runs at the children’s home. He is proud to have connections with all of... Read more