Junely Merwin

Junely Merwin spent 5 years in California's foster care system. With the odds against her, Junely Merwin found her way to prevail through the foster care system. At the age of 15, she entered care as a teen mom—naïve, scared and vulnerable. In many of her placements, she experienced abuse,... Read more

Jennifer Martinez

Jennifer Martinez spent 2 years in California's foster care system. Outstanding Young Leader, Jennifer Martinez entered care at the age of 16. During her time in care Jennifer battled with the struggles of not being able to see her sister because her sister was not in foster care. She believes... Read more

John Devine

John Devine spent 6 years in California's foster care system. To say that John Devine is a game changer would be an understatement. As a rising senior at California State University, San Bernardino, John is majoring in Sociology with a focus in Gerontology and the Social Sciences. Starting graduate school... Read more

Amanda Gearhart

Amanda Gearhart spent 18 years in California's foster care system. Amanda entered foster care before her first birthday and was placed with her grandmother. She spent 18 years in the foster care system in California. Amanda enjoys volunteering and participates in several activities at her local church. She leads two... Read more

Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson spent 11 years in California's foster care system. Michael Graduated with a teaching credential in May 2013 and obtained an elementary teaching position in August 2013. He currently works at Clovis Unified School District and his career goal is to become a principal and eventually hold a district... Read more

James Williams

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James Williams spent 19 years in Utah's foster care system James is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Southern California. He plans to become a professor to teach and conduct research, or potentially work with the Congressional Research Services (CRS) and provide advise to Congress in crafting... Read more

Barry Bartlett

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Barry Bartlett spent 16 years in California's foster care system Barry Bartlett is finding ways to combine his experiences, interests and talents for a unique approach to connecting with foster youth. When he was just a little guy - four years old, his parents abandoned him. From then on, he... Read more

Briana Saldivar

Briana is a very unique young lady who has already made her mark on Santa Clara County's foster care system, after experiencing it first hand. She is very humble and modest, always recognizing others. She is a founding member of the Santa Clara County's Foster Youth Resource and Community Center,... Read more

Ka'Tina Jackson

Ka'Tina Jackson spent 4 years in California's foster care system. Offering a helping hand often is easier said than done. But for Ka'Tina Jackson of California, providing others with support and collaboration is a daily challenge that she meets as a mother to her baby, a leader at her youth... Read more

Yamina Izunza

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Yamina Izunza spent over 3 years in California's foster care system. Yamina Inzunza believes foster youth earn their strength. She writes, “We've learned to be careful with who we trust.” But the difficulties that some might have communicating with foster youth is not intimidating to Yamina. She understands that as... Read more