Angelique Roe

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Angelique Roe spent 3 years in California's foster care system Angelique is a 4th-year Philosophy Major at UCLA preparing to graduate this spring. She has been working with different organizations to help other disadvantaged foster youth and guide them toward higher education. Some of her experience includes her participation in... Read more

George Garcia

George Garcia spent 8 years in California's foster care system At ten years old, George Garcia entered the foster care system with his four siblings. Spending eight years in care, George experienced eleven placements and was separated from his siblings. By the age of thirteen, George severed ties to his... Read more

Ethan Lamoreaux

Ethan Lamoreaux spent 5 years in North Carolina's foster care system. Born in Petrozavodsk, Russia; Ethan Lamoreaux was brought to the United States through adoption as a small child. At the age of thirteen, he entered the foster care system. Over the next five years, Ethan experienced six different placements... Read more

Thessalonia Logan

Thessalonia spent 18 years in California's foster care system. At birth, Thessalonia Logan was placed into kinship care with her grandmother along with her seven siblings. After her grandmother's passing, she was sent to live with her aunt where she, and two of her younger siblings, experienced physical and emotional... Read more

Gia Pendergraph

Gia Pendergraph spent 6 years in California's foster care system Gia spent about 6 years in the foster care system until she was adopted into a loving family. She has spent most of her years in school on the cross country and track team. She currently works at the National... Read more

Monica Rosas

Monica spent 21 years in California's foster care system. In and out of the foster care system as a child, Monica Rosas was permanently removed from her biological mother’s and abusive boyfriend’s care at the age of eight. While in care, she experienced 20 different placements. At the age of... Read more

Jordan Sosa

Jordan Sosa spent 10 years in California's foster care system. Jordan entered foster care at 9 years old. He was separated from his siblings, but felt he had the responsibility to set an example. When he started college, he decided to advocate for foster youth through California Youth Connection (CYC)... Read more

Victoria Shafer

Victoria spent 6 years in California's foster care system. During her time in foster care, Victoria experienced many different placements including temporary and group homes. She struggled with the restrictions at different placements, but was determined to overcome. Victoria grew her support network by connecting with the staff, social workers... Read more

Stephany Lopez

Stephany spent 5 years in California's foster care system. While in care, Stephany experienced several different placements and was separated and reunited with her siblings. Stephany is very proud of receiving “Best Defensive Player” two seasons in a row for basketball, as well as being accepted into an engineering academy... Read more

Shantell House

Shantell 19 years in California's foster care system. Shantell has been in the foster care system since she was 2 years old. During her time in foster care, she experienced 45 different homes, 8 different group homes and 23 different schools. Despite her situation, her determination to go to college... Read more