Jasmine Green

LEx LEader Jasmine Green, 2023 AllStar Intern Cohort A
Jasmine Green, Age 23 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Jasmine is a resilient and outspoken young woman. She is originally from Chicago, IL and now resides in San Diego, CA. She graduated high school in Fullerton, CA and is now pursuing an associate in Social Work. She strives to be a role model... Read more

Eric Morales

Eric Morales, age 20 Pronouns: He/Him 8 years in California foster system Eric is from San Bernardino, California. He is a student at Cal State, San Bernardino, with future plans to pursue a Doctorate in Education. Eric wants to become a high school English teacher, and eventually a school district... Read more

Brana Phillips 

Brana Phillips She/Her California Brana Phillips resides in Los Angeles, Ca. She is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Merced majoring in psychology with the hopes of being a juvenile probation officer. Her interest in this degree, sprouted from her personal experience of not receiving reliable and trustworthy... Read more

Hannah Vargas

Hannah Vargas She/Her/Hers 19 Years Old California Foster Care System Hannah is from Los Angeles, California and first entered the state’s foster care system at age 6 for about one year under kinship placement. She was reunified with her mother at age seven, yet re-entered the system at age 16... Read more