Cynthia Alaffa

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Years in care: 7 Growing up, Cynthia spent time in three different homes that she can remember. From ages 1-6, she wasraised in the care of her godmother. When she was about six and a half, she was sent to stay with one of her relatives for about six months... Read more

Maria Rodriguez

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Maria Rodriguez has been in foster care for about seven years and got adopted at the age of 16. She moved to eight different high schools from freshman year to the end of sophomore year and eventually graduated last May. Currently, she has enrolled at Gateway Community College located in... Read more

Marcus Tutoatasi

Marcys Tutoatasi spent 6 years in Arizona's foster care system. Marcus was placed into care as soon as he was born. He was adopted, but it didn't go as planned. Separated from his sibling, Marcus experienced homelessness at the age of 15. After staying with friends, Marcus was able to... Read more

Elijah Lucas

Elijah Lucas spent 14 years in Arizona's foster care system Elijah entered care at the age of 6 and he experienced many placements. He struggled to maintain friendships because one thing that is consistent while being in the system is change. Elijah became active in advocacy and nonprofit organizations; this... Read more

Lindsay Briese

Lindsay spent 2 years in Arizona's foster care system. The level of mistreatment and poor choices surrounding Lindsay’s home life developed an unhealthy living environment, making it difficult for her to lead a stable and successful life. Realizing her potential, she left home in search of something more. She couched... Read more

Kristan Glover

Kristan spent 16 years in Arizona's foster care system. Kristan endured and conquered the struggles of the foster care system. She has strived in her studies at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, while also being one of their Student Ambassadors. After obtaining an associate degree she will be transferring to Arizona State... Read more

Whitney Emke

Whitney Emke spent 5 years in New York's foster care system. Whitney is a recent St. Bonaventure University graduate who spent 5 years in New York’s foster care system. Her experience in care has shaped her into a determined and accomplished young lady, capable of overcoming any challenge set before... Read more

Whitney Washington

Whitney Washington spent 7 years in Arizona's foster care system. Twelve placements in four years including homes and shelters would be enough to shake anyone’s sense of grounding. For Whitney Washington, those years are behind her as she found solid ground with a family who managed to see Whitney off... Read more

Melinda Ruiz

Melinda Ruiz spent 4 years in Arizona's foster care system. Melinda, still in High School, is bound and determined to do her best, graduating in 2014. She plans on continuing her education to pursue becoming a phlebotomist. She holds a job, while doing well in school, working for a child... Read more

Lenys Ruelas

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Lenys Ruelas spent 2 years in Arizona's foster care system. Eighteen year old Lenys Ruelas served in the youth Tucson Fire fighter cadet program where he recieved an award for exemplifying leadership and dedication. More recentley Lenys has been working with Good Will Good Futures in Tucson, Arizona, where he... Read more