Taleyha Born, 21, New York’s Foster Care System

Taleyha entered foster care at 17. She has experienced 7 different foster homes. Like, many foster youth she could not recall the exact name and address of everyone she lived with. However, she recalled the sadness of leaving and the loss of individuals that came in and out of her life. In November 2017, Taleyha was moved again but is happy to be living in the home she is now. Her current foster mom is loving and respectful of her and her beliefs.  

Taleyha has received several awards and recognitions throughout her educational journey. At her previous school, called Gotham Professional Arts Academy, she received Principal Award 2013 and Honor Roll Award for 2013, 2014, and 2015. At her current school, she received awards for Global Studies and US History.

Taleyha enjoys arts and crafts. She spends her spare time learning religious knowledge through lots of reading. She aspires to obtain her college degree, study fashion, and start a non-profit organization.