Takeina Fowler spent over 8 years in Texas' foster care system. Takeina Fowler believes that young people in foster care can contribute a lot to improve the system. She's convinced it's really important because some children and youth have had very hard times in foster care and no other youths should go through those hardships. One of her great goals is to keep faith and stay strong because of her own siblings. Takeina entered foster care because her mother had disabilities which she could not overcome. A year after entering the system, Takeina's mother passed away. At first, Takeina felt that she had lost everything. But then she thought about her younger siblings and realized that she needed to pick herself up and do what she could do for them. She still thinks about her mom often, but now she knows that everything will be okay because she's proven herself to be a strong individual. As a leader, Takeina has participated in Habitat for Humanity, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honors Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Houston Food Bank, church volunteer, college campus volunteer, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Straight A Program. Since she's come into the system at age 12, Takeina has thrived in one stable home with her mother's former case worker. Today, even at age 20 and in college in Houston Texas, her foster mom still supports her. Takeina's career goals are to graduate with a degree in sport management after which she will pursue a sports law degree. She is anxious to travel the world and innovate changes in the sports world.