Shimaine Quimbley spent time in 12 different placements during the years that she was in the foster care system in the state of Georgia. She knew her biological family, but received no support from them.


Throughout Shimaine’s transition she has worked as a Regional Coordinator and active member of the Policy Team and Courts Team with EmpowerMEnt. Additionally, in 2017, she was given the opportunity to sit on the Foster Youth in Action’s Leaders United Board. Before becoming an Outstanding Young Leader, Shimaine was the the recipient of the 2017 Nancy Cannon-O'Connell Outstanding Youth Leadership and the Georgia Conference 2017 Outstanding Youth Award.


The time Shimaine spent in care made her want to create change and make a difference for youth in care. She is currently a junior at Albany State University, where she participates in Foster Through College, and is majoring in sociology. She hopes to eventually build an organization dedicated improving the child welfare system. Throughout her experience, Shimaine has remained humbled and empowered by the phrase, "NOTHING ABOUT US, WITHOUT US".


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2018 Outstanding Young Leaders