ShawnaRae spent 7 years in Wisconsin's foster care system.

ShawnaRae’s journey with foster care started when she was just a toddler and ended when she aged out of care. She experienced 5 different placements and 10 different schools. She is a part of The Youth Advisory Council for Wisconsin and also serves as a volunteer for the Salvation Army. Currently, she participates in a program called Foster Match that is part of Big Brother Big Sister where she mentors foster youth. She is attending college at Carroll University where she is majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. ShawnaRae hopes to become a biologist and work in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. With all this on her plate, she hopes to continue to help as many foster youth as she possibly can.
Quote: Giving back builds character and it makes you feel good. When I volunteer it warms my heart and it makes me happy to have been able to make a change for someone other than myself.