Sarah Redmon is 20 years old and has spent over 7 years in Alaska's foster care system. At age 12, Sarah entered foster care for the first time with 10 of her biological siblings. Sarah moved homes 4 times until she was placed back with her biological family for 2 years before she re-entered the foster care system. Sarah was placed in 11 different foster homes upon her second removal from her biological family. She tried to be reunified with her family but was disappointed to learn it was a false reunification. Sarah became homeless after her hopes for her family reunification failed. She spent countless nights couch surfing until she helped the state of Alaska pass a law to re-enter or extend foster care until the age of 21. Sarah took the opportunity to re-enter care and is now attending the University of Anchorage Alaska studying to get a degree in social work. Sarah is resilient, optimistic, adventurous... and a foster youth.

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2014 All-Stars