Patrick Hannifin


17 Years old 

California Foster Care System 


Patrick is 17 years old and has spent about 2.5 years in foster care in Los Angeles County with one displacement. He is from Wilmington, CA and will be attending UC Berkeley for Civil Engineering. 

Throughout High school Patrick has maintained academic and athletic excellence with awards such as Principals Honor roll and leadership positions in Varsity Track and JV Football. With his college education, Patrick aims to get a career that will allow him to better his community in any way possible. 

Although he has faced many hardships over his 17 years of life, Patrick likes to live by these quotes “Everything happens for a reason”, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”, and “Always do your best in everything you do”. Some advice he would give to anyone facing hard times is to make a positive out of every negative that is thrown at you. Only you can control what happens with your future, so if you truly desire something, you will work hard to achieve it.